Game trailers thread


Apparently the game is still in pre-alpha state so there is plenty of time to change his appearance…and everything else.


I wonder if mel would even agree to have his likeness used.



Was not expecting the terrain to look as good as it does.

Was expecting more along the lines of


I don’t know about Mel but his brother Donal is interested in doing the voice over for this game and he sounds pretty good too.



sounds good


Unfortunately,it aint gonna happen


Fuck yeah 19 : 30 modifying planet orbits.


you can do this


I usually do, but I was lazy this time


You can do that in KSP with hyperedit.


They can’t do n-body physics, though.


Also different types of games.

I am extremely excited. It will be like playing Total Annihilation, except the maps in TA are simply different planets you can travel to in this, and attacks like those could end up turning the planet into a magma-filled hazard that becomes dangerous to remain building on.


Can’t wait to see how the galactic mode pans out. It’d be cool if you could just keep a perpetual war going, planet hopping/decimating until someone blunders and loses.

And in other news: Take On Mars by Bohemia Interactive
Not sure if anyone’s seen it. Looks pretty good so far from what I’ve seen in Scott Manley’s video.



Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Oh, just noticed there’s a thread for this game already. Oh well.


Thief GamesCom 2013 trailer.

End of the trailer shows a release date of February 25, 2014.


Can’t waaaaaaaaaiiiiiit


Batman:Arkham Origins Gamescom trailer … some potential SPOILERS.


How can a trailer for a prequel contain any spoilers?


By that logic nobody should play the game cause apparently we already know it’s plot.