Game trailers thread


Spoilers are overrated anyway. They don’t really detract from the experience as much as you’d think, aside from the brief moment of surprise.



Thanks for that…


But that trailer just explains that Batman is being hunted by 8 assassins and then a bunch of hints on potential situations Batman will find himself in during the game. Surely none of that is spoiler worthy.

A spoiler is something that… Spoils the surprise of a story. Like Dumbledore getting killed by Ron or Lost being a drug-induced experiment by the same people that did Das Experiment.


Anyone think Watch Dogs’ marketing campaign is getting a bit… uncomfortable?


Stealing your passwords through the accelerometer? :lol:


Takedown: Red Sabre Official Trailer


For a game that’s being lauded for being made from scratch with a team of 15 people and a $200,000 budget, that trailer shows nothing of what makes the game actually different or fun. If it’s such a small team and they have to focus so much on gameplay over aesthetics, that didn’t look very interesting… It just looks like rainbow six with lean.


Apparently the team’s publisher contracted the trailer to some outside house. I had some misgivings on how the game was represented with the trailer, because I thought it looked like the trailer was trying to attract the attention of dudebros. Seriously, Zach Snyder levels of slow motion abuse in there.


Also it looked like shit.

Like, they were trying to approximate the look of the game engine by rendering with the worst possible settings in Max or something.

The idea of the game sounds cool, but I didn’t see the idea of the game in that trailer.


Watch Dogs 14 minutes of gameplay, with Dev commentary.



I just became aware of this game. Cradle. Most of the devs are ex-Stalker devs which is pretty cool.


New trailer for The Evil Within from the Tokyo Game Show 2013.


New Pokemon X/Y trailer


Inspired by Hexen, Heretic, and Diablo? 4 Player coop with classes similar to Hexen 1 and 2?

Color me fucking interested. Very interested.


Takedown: Red Sabre critical reaction trailer.

Oh, and we’re currently beating Call of Duty: Ghosts and Civ V in Steam top sellers listings.


Oh, oh this is very good. Yes I like this. I like this alot.


New Destiny trailer
sci-fantasy is fucking awesome.


Understatement of the year?


It’s a smart move, gaining sales through paranoia.


Hey, people! Just look at that! .
What do you think? As of my opinion, I see in it the Team Fortress 2 successor (with the graphical style, and all).