Game trailers thread


looks like something from the dollar store


What makes you say that?


It looks fucking terrible.




It is an early beta, a lot may change (and maybe - improve).




If this game keeps its graphics level into the final game I think it’s going to be one of the best looking games ever. Seriously it looks really good. And it looks pretty creepy too.

Edit: Also, Sui Generis is coming along nicely.


Good graphics, but I do hope gameplay holds up. Kinda leaves impression like it’s Bear Grylls: The horror game. ( Or super realistic Minecraft )
P.S. Oculus Rift? Great, as if this didn’t seem to be creepy enough.


So yeah, Persona 5 next winter in Japan. Wonder if it’s taking place in college?

#230 .


Vodka 3: Return of Yuri


Leaked Titanfall alpha footage.

That support character chattering about how you passed checkpoint bravo sounds like he’ll get real old real fast.


Don’t think I’ve seen this in here, but Remedy’s new game: Quantum Break.

Friend of mine works as a character technical artist on this game.


Middle earth - Shadow of Mordor (pre-alpha)gameplay walkthrough …looks pretty good(even though it apparently heavily borrows from Assassin’s Creed and Arkham games)+ that Nemesis system sounds and looks really interesting.


Latest Stalker Lost Alpha trailer.



Lords of the Fallen gameplay walkthrough


That gameplay looks familiar… easy-mode D___ Souls game with more cutscenes?

Nice graphics anyway


It looks easy because the guy playing it has done it dozens of time already and the The Witcher 2 lead man Tomasz Gop is working on it so I 'll keep my eyes on this game.


The Order: 1886 gameplay preview …this game looks astounding…it’s a damn shame that the gameplay doesn’t seem to be on par with the graphics(heavily scripted,QTE…)