Game trailers thread


The game looks amazing and the gameplay is appropriate for the type of game it is (cinematic, linear, story based shooter), so that didn’t bother me. That guy’s voice in the video is extremely annoying tho.

You should only become a commentator after puberty has done its job and your voice no longer changes between high pitches and slightly lower pitches constantly.


I don’t think that QTEs and taking control away from the player every 5 seconds should be in any game what so ever…but that’s just me.


Well, let’s wait for an extended gameplay video before making cynical assessments based on a short and heavily edited gameplay video and what other games did in the past shall we?


Quote from VG24/7:
“Much of the story and world is told and viewed through what Ready At Dawn is calling ‘interactive cut-scenes’. Over half of the 20 minute long demo we were privy to consisted of these sorts of moments.”


Alright then. Personally that doesn’t bother me and I’m sure the game won’t continually be like that every single minute. A good developer gives players areas of extended, unbounded gameplay before moving forward with more plot.

And Ready At Dawn is a very good developer. They have Naughty Dog pedigree in them.

edit: besides, it was a press demo, could’ve very well been a compressed vertical slice of gameplay and plot, to give the press a general idea of how the game plays, looks and sounds. It’s unfair to assess that the final game will always be like that from a press demo.


There’s no accounting for taste.My bad for even starting this little discussion of ours.


Sorry, I just don’t like when people immediately judge certain games from insufficient media and facts.

I’m not denying the game won’t have those elements you mentioned but I don’t believe they will do that with annoying frequency.


I’m okay with this as long as those cutscenes let you do things you can’t really do while in full control of your character.


that game looks fucking swish


This isn’t a trailer, but it’s important news anyway.

Persona 4 is coming to PS3 before Persona 5 drops next year.



Speaking of “My body is ready,” the trailer for Tomodachi Life is amazing and you must watch it.


Civilization: Beyond Earth announced.


[code]Name your new colony:

“Alpha Centauri II”




“New Earth”[/code]


I don’t even play Civ and that trailer gave the goosebumps.



now that is how a trailer is done folks


I think I’m sold.


Here’s hoping for a centred third-person camera option - over the shoulder / offset works okay with bows, guns, etc. but I find it a bit awkward to use with melee combat.


Quantum Break gameplay teaser.

First half is Sam Lake hyping the game and then it’s snippets of actual gameplay. Full video will be shown at Gamescom.

Man, I hope Remedy strikes gold for the third time, they’ve been on a roll with their action games.

Xbox One exclusive, by the way.


Well, if they follow Alan Wake’s lead, it’ll be on PC later.


God damn, The Witcher 3 is giving my boner a boner.