Game trailers thread


Game seriously looks like CGI. Hopefully the GTX 800 series will be out by February. Still kind of annoyed we haven’t gotten a pure gameplay trailer/demo yet though.


Really high quality version of the trailer.


20 minutes downloading… worth it :awesome:


New SSB trailer, revealing Lucina, MU from Awakening, Chrom, and Cpt Falcon


New Postal 2 expansion


I read it portal 2 :[


Me too. :frowning:


Trailer for our upcoming UT99 -> 2k4 mod


Pokemon + Tekken = Pokken Tournament


It’s a couple of weeks old now, but I figured I’d post it anyways.

Star Citizen - Constellation Commercial


Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Trailer


New Persona 5 trailer with snippets of gameplay.

New mobile Sonic game has a big reveal: you can do vaguely Sonic-related things in it.


Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer




I followed SOMA at first, and then eventually forgot about it. Can’t wait till it’s out. Just under 4 months. ;_;


^Same for me. I only recently remembered that it existed after being hype when it was first revealed. Glad that’s what happened really.


Player wears a shirt with rolled-up sleeves? . . . sorry Frictional, at any point in a game of this type, you’ve lost me.


Okay, I say this and I defend that with regards to this shit but…

Who the FUCK thought this was a good idea?