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Dishonored 2 Trailer

Gotta say I’m really friggen hyped for it. It’s hilarious there are people who don’t wanna play it purely cause the protagonist is female.


You can play as Corvo too. Apparently the way it works is that you play as Emily for like the first half hour or so and then after that you can choose to either continue playing as Emily or to play as Corvo. They said the levels are more or less the same but each character has a different “view” or something.


Yeah I found that out shortly after, pretty cool.

They also said they have different powers. So in that trailer it appears Emily has that tendril/grappel thing, so maybe she doesn’t get blink? Also that weird shadow claw thing she was using, I wonder if that’s an actual power she has. Corvo I imagine keeps the first games powers, not sure if he’ll get any others.
Either way, gives it more replay value by being able to play them both.


Emily doesn’t have blink, she has the thing from the trailer, which needs something to attach onto and can’t be used on air like blink can. Also the shadow thing at the end is called shadow walk. They have said Corvo keeps his powers from the first game but I hope his blink is more like Daud’s where time freezes when you use it since I like that better. And it would make sense since his powers have matured in 15 years.


Is there somewhere to read up on more Dishonored 2 stuff? I had forgotten it was maybe coming out, but now I’ve seen the trailer I can’t stop hyping myself for it.

Would love to see Corvo have a blink that stops time, since he’s definitely matured his powers over the years. It’s also way more fun to use IMO.


I’ll make a thread since nobody else has it seems.

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Cautiously optimistic. There’s no Aiden, which is already a big step in the right direction. If pattern holds from AC1–>AC2, then WD2 might be really good.


I don’t about that tbh. Just by judging Ubisoft’s history of downgraded all it’s games graphics, and everything else I highly doubt it.


Honestly, I could give less than two shits about the graphics. Poly budgets between tech demos and final retail for open world games probably differ vastly. Is it dishonest business practice? Quite probably, considering how consistently Ubisoft has been pulling this, but my main problems with Watch Dogs had absolute nothing to do with the graphics. It was the lack of fully non-lethal options, Aiden’s absolutely awful character arc, and the setup of the entire scenario being undone if Aiden had been smart and did some fucking research on the building he was about to rob. Plus there was those really dumb digital trip things that could have actually been interesting if they were more story-connected, with the exception of that spider robot game. Fuck that was a dumb addition. Or how about .50 sniper rifles not being able to stop car engines to force people out of vehicles?

It was the raw, moment to moment gameplay of Watch Dogs that massively disappointed me. I expected something much more realistic and freeform. The hacking was integrated pretty well save for that really dumb inability to target helecopters directly above us.
Oh, and no harbor police in Chicago? Really? Or what about that time when Clare dies in a cutscene and when you shoot your way out of that mess and your hud is disabled because of the emotional moment, some asshole from the internet can invade your game and do a data retrieval on you and you can’t do shit about it because your HUD is down.

I’ll make no bones about this- I fucking hated how Watch Dogs came out at the end. But the IP has potential, there is groundwork, there are some seriously good ideas. If WD2 doesn’t fuck it up, it could actually be pretty darn good as a game and as an IP. Right away we’re working WITH DedSec, which was one of the most under-explored elements of the first game’s lore and a plot element I wanted to see more of, so getting to see what these guys are about and fighting back against the surveillance state is what Watch Dogs SHOULD have been about. Aiden didn’t get the information for DedSec, and I still have no idea why he didn’t cooperate with the organization and give them the ctOS system key. They had been doing him favors for basically the whole game, but because Aiden is a dick, he didn’t even have a choice as to whether to help them or not.

So yeah, if they fix their gameplay problems and make sure their protagonist passes the “actually having a functioning brain” test, it could be good.



Damn that looks amazing. Here’s hoping that remake rocks, I’d love to see a modern remake of SS1, having never played the first.


System Shock 2 was one of those games I really, reaaalllyyyy wanted to like but simply could not get into for some reason. Hopefully this falls thru, and I can give it a second go around.


First 15 minutes of Persona 5 with animation by Production I.G.


Lucky Shaddy gets two Sonic games next year. Both of them seem good.

“We took classic Sonic, updated it, and added a bunch of new levels. Enjoy”–2xcKk

“You guys really liked the first one”

At least, I’m assuming it’ll play the same. Can’t really imagine what they could do different, aside from changing modern to his Lost World gameplay (which I wouldn’t support, even though I liked LW)



Pretty much ID saying “we know you guys were mixed on DooM’s multi-player, so here’s good old fashioned FPS arena carnage. Enjoy.”

God I’m fucking psyched.


So I think these trailers for Death Stranding have nothing to do with the game at all. I think, personally, this is extended visual metaphor for Kojima’s career. Del Toro is carrying a baby in a protective case (representing the new game, or possibly Silent Hills in a new form) while a zombie looking old baby doll floats downriver to a bunch of zombie soldiers (representing Konami and Metal Gear Survive). It’s really the only way this trailer makes any damn sense.




I’ll leave this here: