Game trailers thread


8 minutes of Prey gameplay


What a shitty facial animation,it is much worse than it was in HL2 which was made 12 years ago.The environment looks pretty as well as NPCs.I am also sceptical about the “each planet has its own story” thing and those monsters which are just standing on the fields and do nothing,reminds me of early 2000s RPGs rather than 100 000 000$ or more next gen game with three amazing predecessors that was in development for 5 years.


Yeah, I feel you on those animations. I felt like Me3 had better facial animations than this, and that was 4 or 5 years ago now.

But then again… Bioware hasn’t really ever had the world’s greatest facial animations, but it’s had really solid games with good and engrossing stories. So that’s my hope, anyways. Even if your character looks mildly plastic all the time, hopefully the story and game play (which both are looking great) will help make up for very awkward facial animations.


No weapons on the Nomad? Dang, was hoping for Mako v2. Hope at least some parts of it were carried over…




EDIT: Some details here


is it VR

there needs to be a decent mech-game if I’m to ever pursue VR


Seems like it will be:


Sweet, I was taking a shit this morning and wondered to myself “who should I ask about resetting my yahoo password?”

What a fucking life saver.


CD project red made cyberpunk’s gameplay demo public; … jF9GgrY9c0


Noclip’s Half Life documentary. thanks 9seed
Supposedly this is part 1, at 1.5 hours I thought it was the whole shebang.


@RedEye9 That isn’t part 1, that’s the whole thing. My mistake, I assumed they’d upload it in parts.


10 minutes of Black mesa starting at 1hr10m into the doc


Thought this looked interesting.