Game trailers thread


^ Pretty much sums up my thoughts. Seeing the actual game I was expecting to be disappointed but I was just the opposite. I LOVE how they have armor pickups in the game, and the Lurkers look extremely fun to fight because of their AI that isn’t bog standard.

Playing it on the hardest difficulty for sure, which removes every single HUD element too.

Here’s an extended cut of the contact/cinematic trailer they released a while ago. I know it’s pre-rendered, but it’s great:

Aliens: Colonial Marines Contact Trailer Extended Cut

Also I love the fact that xenos actually get right on you even on the normal difficulty, not like AvP 2010 where even on nightmare the xenos would jump down in front of you then slowly come towards you allowing you to fill him full of holes.


Final in series of 7 wonders vids from Crysis 3

Sorta rekindles my lost hope for relatively spacey and open level design. Not liking those 5 hour campaign rumors though.


Not a trailer, but beta footage of Halo 1 that I found interesting. Dat lighting jesus christ.


NS2 - Gorgeous update trailer

Lots of new stuff, exo railguns, mini aliens, decals, and gorge tunnels, sort of like Nydus canals/worms except you actually get to walk through them.


Anomaly 2(sequel to Anomaly:Warzone Earth) - “The Ultimate tower offence RTS”,loved the first one.


Full trailer for Dreamfall: Chapters.




Holy fucking shit


I think there’s already been a game with that concept but it does look pretty cool.


Gears of war Judgement writers mini doc

the more I hear about this game, the less against it I am. Kinda excited.
aztez combat teaser







Too bad it’s already gone.


They were posted in the other thread.



but yeah, other thread.

also, Gears Judgement

I know what you guys might say, but I’m pretty interested. Quick weapon switching, hotbutton grenade throwing, class based asymmetrical multiplayer, AI director, minimal cutscenage, optional side objectives… Everything sounds like stuff Gears needed from the start. This might be my favorite. Idk.


Dreamfall Chapters “game spaces”, prototype gameplay and new playable character !



I’m very torn about ArmA 3 right now. Just how easy or hard is it to get into?


I understand that the controls are really, really complex, but very nice to have once you get used to them.


Not quite sure this counts as a trailer, but here’s the thing.

Anyone else remember the 2005 Dark Sector? Yeah, the super awesome sci-fi space ninja version of Dark Sector that was phased out in favor of some crap set in Russia with a razor boomerang?

Apparently a ton of it’s art style, assets, and music are getting used for a free to play game called Warframe. And it’s totally fucking awesome.

My absolute favorite part of this whole game from these videos is the traditional taiko drum music by Yakudo.