Game trailers thread


Metro:Last Light - Ranger Survival Guide - Chapter1 .


That’s not very good marketing on their part.


Holy shit Michael Biehn is the main character. I’m fucking sold.


The game got leaked. That’s actual gameplay footage from someone who got the game through an uPlay hack.



Double post for ohmygod


Holy shit.


I gotta thank this game for introducing me to powerglove.


This is some of the best advertising I’ve seen for any game recently.


Ubisoft Mountreal must have snorted a shitton of blow to make that as DLC for Far Cry 3. Looks really cool though!


Holy shit
I need a new graphics card


No, having a shitty gfx card is my thing.

You can’t take that away from me.


He wasn’t trying to?



get real


i’m all about the real talk bro


This just in:

MegaDrive/Genesis classic “Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse” is getting remade.

I’ve wanted to try the Genesis original for some time, but this looks really nice!


New Metro Last Light trailer. It looks good and hopefully the game turns out being as good as it’s looking.


god I can’t wait for this




Watch Dogs new trailer

Not sure if anyone posted this because it’s a year old, but Remember Me looks really interesting, too.