Game trailers thread


3 new character trailers.


More Remember Me trailers. Hearing how this game works makes it sound like a real trip. I have GOT to play this.


plus they got this which is cool


Nice. Wish Source had something like this.


I hope this gets adapted into more stuff srs


More Watch Dogs -




Know what I like about that? At about 3 minutes and 10 seconds in, the main character is standing on a lift and is about a foot away from the big red button that operates it, but he still uses his phone to wirelessly hack it into lifting by itself. I like to imagine that he’s this enormous germophobe who’s afraid of touching anything without latex gloves and prefers operating everything through the comfort of his phone because of the feeling of normalcy it gives him. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s a wimpy nerd imho.


His little bandanna reminds me of this guy i met last year who was doing a Snake Eyes cosplay.
He was one of those doughy men that don’t have necks or chins so he decided to make a jawline out of cereal boxes and stuff it inside the mask


Are you FUCKING kidding me MS


“Let’s use our one major console-exclusive franchise and put it on Windows 8! Surely, then, people will love our shitty new OS!”

It’s like they’re fishing people, but using the shittiest bait possible. That game doesn’t even look worth a rental on an Xbox.

Edit: Oh, and they’re wasting 343 on this, as well. Great.


“Lets put a shitty spin off of our most popular franchise on an OS that almost nobody uses instead of putting the actual titles on a more used OS. That’ll surely get people to use our new, shitty OS.”


Oh, and the music is shitty.


Nothing beats marty’s original trilogy osts nothing


I honestly didn’t think they could do any worse then H2V and then they pull this


I’m surprised, though I know I shouldn’t be.


Windows 8 is for tech illiterate individuals who don’t use pc’s seriously.

The second full support is available for the majority of my games library I’m off to Linux full time.


Say that to my face not online and see what happens.


Stop being such an overzealous elitest cunt all the time.