Game trailers thread


Chill, in England a lot of us here hurl insults at each other, jokingly in a cold manner with no intention of making appear as a ‘joke’ and just leave it as is.
(appears harsh and stubborn.)

I know quite a lot of you on here know your ‘shit’

However Winged One, I am curious as to what other posts are ‘overzealous elitest cunt’ - I’m not disagreeing, I’d just like to see them pointed out.


My response was a joke too, look it up.


As was mine.

Edit: So was this reply.

Edit2: And that edit.


Dude… It just keeps getting better




Mirror’s Edge 2!!!


Oh fuck, I forgot, E3 starts today.

This is making me think I should buy a PS4.


If they are seriously making multiplayer like this, I think I will buy BF4 after all


If there’s VOIP for PC then I’m completely sold. Otherwise, good luck getting your team as organized as they were in that vid.


some people spotted voip symbols in one of the released vids. Not sure which one and where. All I know is they better have fuckin done it.


New Shadow Warrior


I like that crossbow


There sure is a lot of weepons in that game.


Holy shit I’m getting this

Open-world survival horror on a moon base with permadeath


Yeah, this is the first gameplay footage we’ve seen. Looks cool. It’s apparently 80’s future vision or something like that, reminds me of the movie Moon a lot.


Here’ s a interview from Rock,Paper Shotgun with one of the 4 people that are working on the game… the game was influenced by Alien,The Thing,it will be around three hours long(more if you explore)…


Perma death and possible Occulus Rift support?
I really hope they manage to do the immersion right then. It can become one of those late night games for me.

I’ve never been interested in Occulus Rift, but for games like this I may do an exception. Add in a Soundproof headset will make it better still.


I have never been more hyped for a port before.


Mad Max “gameplay” trailer …I am not impressed so far and Max looks generic as fuck.


Maybe they’ve done a sort of hybrid of 1981 Mel Gibson’s and Tom Hardy’s (playing Max in Mad Max: Fury Road) faces?

If they were going for Mel Gibson’s face the cheekbones look a bit off, maybe it’s the beard.

In-car close-up looks a bit odd, the combination of the bright light and the texture resolution make him look a bit like a character from Borderlands 2 :stuck_out_tongue: