Games that need a sequel

Games that you have always loved, and deserve a sequel, but, dont have one, list them here!

personally, I want a sequel to either Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis or Zoo Tycoon 2, I love a good park builder.

inb4 Half life 3

Half-Life 3 needs a sequel.

Shenmue needs a conclusion.

Alpha Protocol (doesn’t need to continue the story, unless it would work well. I haven’t finished the game so I don’t know)

Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth (I love Lovecraft)

Mirror’s Edge (again, doesn’t have to continue the story as the story ended well, just a game with similar gameplay)


other than that… mmh… could sound crazy but i think dishonored will need a sequel even if it’s not out yet lol

Opposing Force 2

not MGS2

They already did that, it was called MGS3 and it was the best fucking game in the series.

I’d say “The World Ends With You” needs a sequel, but considering how great it was, as well as how it managed to tell a coherent story without resorting to a sequel hook, that might send the wrong message.

What DOES absolutely need a sequel, however, is No One Lives Forever. Where the hell is NOLF 3, god dammit! And a proper turn based tactics “Front Mission” for next gen.

Mirror’s Edge is also a fantastic candidate for games in need of a sequel.

The movie, I, Robot
Quake (direct sequel)

Mirrors Edge,

also Call of Duty.

it’s a prequel derp


MGS1 was the best

Quake 1 needs a sequel, Diablo 1 and 2 need a proper sequel, Thief needs a sequel that isn’t just a cash-in, and I would like to see a proper sequel to Duke Nukem 3D as well instead of the piece of crap we got.

Black Mesa :3

I’ll weigh in on the MGS thing:

MGS2 was a supurb deconstruction of video game sequels and well worthy of the time I spent playing it, but, to further the deconstructive elements, the game relies heavily on events and design work from the first game. I didn’t hate Raiden, but I really didn’t like Rose. Their dynamic is ostensibly intended to deconstruct romance subplots, but all it did was piss people off. Ultimately it was good, but I would have done a little more work on making the game work as something other than tearing apart MGS.

MGS3 was the first MGS I finished, being deterimined to finish the series in chronological order. (Excepting Peace Walker) I liked the plot, it was self contained, quite well written in many places despite it’s ham-handed handling of the game’s overall point about the Cold War and the Boss’s relationship to Snake. The game mechanics worked best in the Subsistence version, because the original Snake Eater with the fixed camera was fucking unplayable. That said, the third game has my favorite story in the series.

My favorite gameplay in the series, however, is Peace Walker’s. The PMC managment elements are well crafted, there’s lots of side content and extra stuff you can do, anyone in any map can be recruited to your PMC, and [COLOR=‘Black’]you get to build your own fucking Metal Gear. The over the shoulder aiming for guns is also much more fluid than having to constantly switch to first person to aim, and there are lots of different types of guns to develop and upgrade.

Group of people are making a mod about Opposing Force 2. Look around on ModDB :smiley:

Research and Development (it’s a EP2 mod) neeeeeeeeeds a sequel.

This, so underrated game.

I know, I meant a proper one by Valve.

The first Opposing Force wasn’t even made by Valve.

I say we need a sequel for Sins Emergence even though it’s impossible

Beneath a Steel Sky and Grim Fandango.