General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


that nihilant is blender textured with basic shades, the original materials are missing.


The Beta branch is now live; Xen Engine is here C:


New update today guys! Looks like they found the nihilanth model and removed it from the files, I still have it if anyone needs it


Another step towards Xen boys! Damn I can’t believe it’s been so long since 2007 when I discovered that a team of modders were trying to recreate Half-Life on the source engine, I can genuinely say that I’ve been waiting for this for more than half of my life (no pun intended)


Note how they mentioned that they will release ONE more engine update before dropping Xen. In other words, sounds like we are getting pretty close to the final release.

How about everyone tries to predict the release day? I’m just gonna go ahead and guess that it will come out on Friday, August 24.


I feel like it will be summer (Xen release date). June or early July. Before they go on holidays.
I think it’s a good target for release. It would positively affect the game’s popularity and sales too.


So they are going to add the fast and poison headcrabs in Xen?


I like this game! I am gonna guess my birthday July 28. :smiley:


I’m going all out and say a release for May 16, the day the resonance cascade happened or May 17, the day Gordon goes to Xen. Obviously I won’t say the year to not be dissapointed but it would have been nice to release it on that day if it was already done xD


I am predicting that the update will come out this or next week, given that the game is on sale and has been getting more and more updates


You’re new at this.


Pretty sure the cascade happens on the 12th of August. As for xen release, I’ll roll with the 5th of may, anniversary of release on Steam…


Nope, it is from May 16 to May 17 as seen on the wiki If I recall correctly, the devs even released the game in early access for that date. (Or was it the mod that released at 8:47 AM in Nevada? I don’t remember)


I’m pretty sure will know it will be releasing soon when things become cryptic. For example The countdowns before the mod and steam releases, launch trailer, EAS broadcasts before the steam release, websites with hidden messages and the end of the BMC dlc joke video. All of this indicated that a release was imminent. It is only a matter of time now.


I have no idea, I was just responding to the speculation based on the files someone found.


Reason I said the 12th of Aug, is because in the BMS game, it says that “tonight will be the Black Mesa Hazard Course Decathlon”. On BMRF.US it says that the Decathlon is on the 12th of Aug. The wiki you mentioned is for the game Half-life. BMS was released on the 5th of May according to Steam.


Either it is a mistake or related to the pizza arg. Messing with the timeline in such a manner is just weird and dumb if for no reasons. Anyway, getting off topic.


Once xen is release, would the team release a ‘develop history’ of xen with all his variant, diferent versions and betas? (pictures ans screenshots), like before the 2012 update the BMS wiki have the develop history of the other chapters.


I bet eventually we will get a PostMortem.


On and off I’ve been trying to write a definitive “the history and design of Xen” dev blog. But, unfortunately, I keep getting waylaid by actual Xen work. Curses!