General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


Of course, this is 100% understandable, im talking AFTER the Xen release, anything before it it could ruin the surprise.
Add those to the old pre-2012 ingame screenshots of the previous chapters an you have the ‘Raising the Crowbar’ of Black Mesa


Oh no… How could you possibly let something so pointless distract you from the true responsibility of Blogging?!

[/italics for sarcasm]
But seriously, I’ll absolutely read that if you do it after all is said and done. I bet you guys have more development stories by now than even the original Half-Life did!


That would be cool to read one day. The videos you made playing through your uncut mods are still among my all-time favorite developer commentaries.


This is something I would actually love to see, a behind the scenes document in the vein of Raising the Bar (and that Raising the CROWbar title would clearly be mandatory). Though considering the length of development it’d probably take another decade to compile haha


Hm, noticed only now that scientist in dressing room making comments after you put on HEV suit. He talks about Mark lll. , that it didn’t have so “loud base color”. Could those ZEV have Mark lll suits? Also different HEV voice would be cool, something more “old compressed synthetic” generated voice.


jokes aside, the Zombie HEV its using the 2012 public release suit, maybe it will made a bit more of sense if the dead HEV scientists on Xen have the same old 2012 suit.


That’d be a nice touch.


I doubt Xen will be out this summer. My guess is late this year, September at the earliest (Though I’d be happy to be proven wrong!). I’m going to guess September 30th.


I’m not aiming any date anymore. It was delayed so many times, i just wait and don’t care what is said when it is coming out.


Oh my sweet summer child.

I have been here since the beginning and still can gather up some gumption to offer patience. Why? cuz I am their number one fan. And cuz I simply love the game.


They have said that Xen is basically finished and be playable from start to finish, I don’t think it will take 3 month or more for the polishment to it. So I agree with Snaiper that it will probably be released in this summer.

Of course, it all depends on devs since they have their own plan and timeline. But I believe everyone will be excited whenever it is out.


well, they’re creating hype again with the Xengine and this content minning that they theselves cleaned after a day, people are silent but waiting eagery for Xen.
I hope they release more news or hotfixes very soon.


Damn! One month passed since the April 9th update. Text Update that is, not actual Steam update.
I’m living in a weird state where, although i visit the forum and the steam forum section every day, time seems to pass quite fast cause of all the things happening in my life.

I’m seeing the good side : Imagine what progress they’ve made since April 9th!


Guess everything is kinda dead atm, cant really do anything but wait now


btw, happy resonance cascade day.


New achievement?


nope all of them are vanilla that one is for firing the gluon gun from 100 to 0 with out releasing the key.


Huh. Here’s some xen models instead.


no, that icon is the gluon gun firing.

That means there’s a new achievement.


hmm Oh wait I think it was that image that they used on the mod version. I remember seeing that one somewhere.