General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


yeah it was the mod version’s achievement icon


Well, that explains it.


Yep after checking it is the one from the mod version. And I can understand why they changed it the I’m FIRING MY LASER. meme image is actually copy written.


Gotta love Steam forums



What’s even sadder is people are asking for help in the comments section under a news item.
Maybe they don’t know that the forums for doing just that are just a click away.
You may not want to quote me because I am an apologist, fanboy, fanboi, white knight, scare crow and many other unmentionables. ;(


Forgot to censor the name of that dude in the response of redeye.


Oof. Ah well, I trust everyone here to be mature enough not to go on a witchhunt against this dude because of something as harmless as this. Besides, he already deleted his comments anyway.


Not to mention straight up troll in a good portion of your posts, and a wannabe moderator in all the others.


This morning I woke up from a dream where the Crowbar Collective did a surprise release of the Xen chapters.

It was one of those “false awakening” dreams (waking up from a dream within a dream), which made it seem a little too real for me. Worse part about it was that I actually started to play through the first chapter before my alarm went off. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed when I checked if it was actually out lol


PotatoMuffin is actually one of the dev’s long lost psychic brother.


Xen! Release it! Right f***ing now! No? Fine.


here’s your xen

kinda needed to finish it first but okay


I got a preview of xen for ya if you’re so impatient




Stop it with the non-sense comments.

Right now.

There is too much of it already.


Shit, i thought we were on the General Xen Chit Chat thread…

I’m sorry John… Let’s talk about Gordon Freeman’s secret diary, talking about relationships in work and belief in God


Dafuq is this graphics? OMG nice gg Crowbar Collective, RIP Black Mesa!11!1!!


You guys crack me up! It is as if ya’ll never played the original HL from 1998


The hell is “HL”? Hairy Legs? :wink:

In all seriousness though, Epitaph is entitled to his opinions, but begging for Xen’s release isn’t exactly general conversation. It’s… begging.
Part of the reason I made this thread was to help keep the hype train going, but that’s just a childish way to express it in my opinion.
In the future, comments like that should really just be ignored. I’m obviously not a moderator, but it hurts a bit to see my thread devolve into people taking someone’s bait, y’know?


Well, we’re kinda at a dead point RN, I don’t think joking around a bit is that bad, it’s all well and good fun while we wait