General Xen Chit-Chat Thread



Wow, nice what you have to contribute to a discussion. Someone could think you’re just like a little kid on the schoolyard yelling at everyone whose opinion doesn’t match yours. :smiley:


Quetejodan isn’t wrong, you guys did misinterpret their posts.

Doesn’t excuse their behaviour though.


Go to for the definition of quetejodan. Its nothing more than a sad troll proven by its use of profanity. CatEyes if your listening, banning him won’t be an issue anyone will care about. :wink:


What exactly am I looking at? A pallet full of popcorn?

Also, damn, even I never really considered Xen would equate to 30% of the whole game! That’s honestly wild.
I’m still gonna replay the whole game when it’s out, but I obviously wouldn’t need to to get effectively a full game’s worth of time out of Xen alone.


The only sad thing here is you, paired with your toxic harassing mob, disliking everything just because you are obviously to dumb to read and/or to understand what you’ve read, aka the simplest sentences. At least you are able to google nicknames, which was my intention from the start. Get lost, kid.


Yet you’re the one acting entitled over topics brought up many times over the last few years, and the only one being overly aggressive, no wonder people think you’re a troll.


What on Earth?

I said stop with the non-sense comments.

But then again, why would anyone listen when they can simply reply again with more pointless comments.


Can we (users, not admin) block other people on these threads?


I wish. cause I Think several people in this thread need to stop arguing as they are derailing the damn topic… again!


If by several people you mean Dark-Storm/quetejordon, they’re one and the same. Its just a troll trying to hide using a different moniker.

But back on topic. The devs are working on the off-world levels and just released a patch for linux. Keeping my fingers crossed for a 2018 release!


There is a block button on the profile page.


Oh, hey. What’s going on in this thread? Oh lawd…

Alrighty, folks. Let’s get back to discussing Xen in general. Thank you.


I’m seriously sick of these discussions constantly devolving into pointless namecalling and mobbing people with negative opinions and statements. I’m also sick of people getting defensive and upset so easily. My response was sufficient, and if Quetejodan wanted to rebuke my comments, he could have. Instead it just deteriorated into a shit-slinging competition. Unnecessary. Please don’t. I love this community and it’s sad to see it become like this.

So I’m gonna lay down some serious law from now on. Post CONSTRUCTIVELY where you state your opinion in a reasonable way without attacking others, or don’t post at all. If you don’t like what someone has posted, and can’t reply in a reasonable manner, don’t reply to them, and just report the post to me.

I will be handing out bans without notice in the future for these kinds of posts. Please get back on topic. Thanks.


Well back on topic, we know a few minor things from the steam forums and the occasional post here. Anyone got a list?


More Terminator-esc props currently in game.



looks like stuff teleported in from black mesa but not completely.

Surprised we didn’t see a headcrab sticking half way through a wall in the base game as the teleportation is random. I mean just imagine if we saw 4 headcrabs teleport in but one of them ending up in the middle of a door and sliced in half.


If it teleported into another human, that would make a cool setpeice.
There are also two rooms.



Curious that the wall textures used are never seen anywhere in Black Mesa proper. There’s also a lot of research equipment and large machines in the modelfiles if you know where to look; perhaps these segments are part of a large and well-established Xenside facility?


I doubt that the rooms are xenside, as they have more of an am/qe/lc feel, plus Gordon should be in xen anyway, and with the jeanky feel of the infrastructure with some of the released pictures, xen research labs wouldn’t be nearly up to par to have fully built concrete/metal buildings.


And there’s also the tent connector that Admiral Sakai found (A Curious Object)