General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


Call it overkill, but I quoted this in the OP, for posterity.

EDIT: Also overhauled the OP a little to make it a little less clunky. @Everyone, let me know if I missed any important pictures that the devs released and I’ll add em!


It would be cool to see a scientist stuck inside a metal container or locker.

Things is would he be burnt like the metal or not?


I copied some of the media releases and unpinned updates etc here because people were asking about them.


I’d say anyone teleported with the room would be alright unless an arm or foot or something was caught outside the bubble. Like i said before, this reminds me of terminator, and the fact that the xeneins aren’t being gibbed on teleport spawn, i’d say the same for a reverse to xen.


I’ve seen the props pop up in the model viewer but where did you find the rooms? Considering that they’re still scorching hot then perhaps there’ll be some more teleportation action happening than in the original HL?


I was actually operating under the assumption that these areas were teleported from place to place within Xen; there is no texture at all corresponding to those tile walls in Black Mesa currently (although there are some, like lab/c3a2a_w1j and tile/tilewall006d, that come sort of close to some elements of them). It is entirely possible that those textures just have not been released, although many Xen textures actually have- some with interesting names like mold_clusters_decal, xen-maggot, xen_limpet, and xen_pillar_cage.

One thing I find interesting about these tele-fragged models is that the one on the left seems not to have a ceiling- the sphere of the teleport effect clearly extends up beyond where the walls cut off, but there doesn’t seem to have been anything separated in that area and instead there is what looks like a finished, machined surface. If this roof is made of plastic or tarpaulin (as there are many such textures that seem to be added for Xen) I could see this effect occurring, which is one of the reasons I think these structures were indeed brought to Xen for use by the Science Team.


actually I think that floor is from the questionable ethics area. For all we know that is the area of the lab we never see. Two dollars says there is a pizza and a scientist where ever those props are.


Looks like I already have all the Xen-related pictures from those. Thanks though!


The model files and locations for those props are gibs\props_blackmesa\corridor_teleported. It’s safe to assume that they’ve been randomly teleported from Black Mesa into Xen.

Also, despite being in the gibs\ directory, they’re not flagged as being physics props. Didn’t really expect anything else, but just wanted to get that out of the way.


Bottom bit of the front page, that is an updated version of the first screenshot we got. the ceiling and new plant life show that.


It is … so beautiful. The animation gives it nice touch, environment feels really “alive” compared to original.


Watch it again (refresh on Xen part)
An Icky jumps out of the water.

Were gonna fight it, aren’t we?


got it on image.

ITS A GIF! We need some one to record or find the source for it and post it here!

EDIT: picture of it landing


I have to say they’ve done an admirable job of polishing this area; the original looked extremely spare and kind of generic, but this definitely looks like Xen. The glowy bits on the ceiling and the alien plants on the side really add a lot.


Just did a quick screen cap
Also, its not a GIF, but actually a looped mp4 when you inspect the site.


Disregard last.
Here’s the whole thing taken straight from the site.


Using that mp4. here is images for direct compair.


I will assume that that awesome Xen background will be the Xen background in-game for the menu, plus the screenshots from the Steam update will be the chapters pictures,