General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


little details from the pics.
the Gonarch’s lair is now a bloody feeding ground, very Clive Barker-ish
another xen concept, but one from a never seen angle, pretty much xen will still the long jump tutorial as his core
this is the same background of the HEVs on loot mesa
the nihilant’s cave looks massive but the way it will play seems different because the crystals are in not visible and even with the nihilant size he looks very small, probably a return to the old movement idea from the original hl idea.


Summer Update 2018 FOR people that can not look up on the forums.

this image his got my peaked the most because look in the sky those are boid’s for the most part they where cut from half life, though they do appear in one map in each game.


Just played Gonarch’s lair right now and realize this is the first map just when you spawn, the cave position and the mineral rock are almost at the same place.
I really hope Joel Nielsen made something strong enough to battle Kelly Bailley’s ‘Jungle Drums’.


Damn shame the other screenshots they posted have such bad resolution,
Pls Devs ; - ;
Give us better res


I want to see these in 4K res! Can’t wait for the full release. <3


“External playtesting”

So does this mean the first two chapters are under the public beta branch? It wasnt really clear on what he meant on that.


sounds like non-devs are testing them in private, no update on any branch on steam.


Maybe here “external” means actual gameplay out of the development platform, this is their internal testing in fact.


Added all the new images to OP with a link to the Steam thread. It’s a shame not all the images are wallpaper sized like the Gonarch one!


The gonarch pic has GOT toe be concept art. It’s just too surreal.


In-game shot :heart:



That’s incredible! Keep up the amazing work!
That’s just mind-blowing…


Hey Guys! So I made my own custom materials and textures for the leaked Nihilanth model! I thought here would be a nice place to show it with the Xen hype. (NOT OFFICIAL, This is just my interpretation of what he will look like)


Wonderful! Guys, I can’t believe that’s a in-game screenshot!

Keep up your great work, we hope we can get the final release as soon as possible.

Thanks for your hard work, I really love them!


That Nihilanth looks like he’s craving some chocolate.


The pile of dead houndeyes in Gornach Lair looks freaking awesome

Edit: and I bet that mp4 animation will probably be a Background map for the xen chapter


what amazes me is the lack of dead HEV, on every picture of xen so far there have been any dead HEV considering that in half life every ammo-capsule was because an HEV died there and drop those items multiplayer-style.


Maybe the headcrabs already got to them all?


@Crawlfish why haven’t you put the mp4 on the main post?


Done. Not sure if I can do more than just link to it without uploading it to YouTube. Anyone know if there’s a way to embed video files directly?