General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


I mean, there’s mine, but the quality’s lacking significantly so ill half to redo and re-upload before recommending to use it.


Use the original file to upload instead of recording your screen, that’ll ensure the best quality possible!




Also think the primary image should be replaced with the new one that has the piles of dead houndeyes.


Done and done! I was considering replacing the primary image, but couldn’t decide. I like the idea that the Gonarch has become a sort of mascot for this thread at this point. Such a handsome young creature.


pretty sure the gonarch is the mascot of xen in general. Also man I love the new design they have given it. Less ballsack on spider more egg sack on crab.


Imo its got way more of that authentic singular testicle look lmao


Personally I always thought that title went to the Nihilanth itself.


If there is planed HL marathon with BM included on 3rd and 4th Nov., could that mean that it will be completed? No one can start HL2 without proper HL1 ending :slight_smile:

Slightly offtopic:
Does G-Man appear in each chapter in BM? I have spotted him recently in “Questionable Ethics” but compared to original, he does not appear in that chapter at all. Has anyone spotted him in other chapters like: Blast Pit, On Rail, Surface Tension?
Also wondering if G-Man was able to set foot in Xen, when NIhilanth was still alive.


That’s what I am thinking… but I am not sure… My only guess is that Xen can be completed within this year. It will not be released this Summer though.

Regarding your Off-Topic Question… G-Man appears on the exact same spots and chapters. Questionable Ethics is his new appearance exclusive to this game.


I believe Xen will be released before they go to the Retro Game Con, cuz they need to prepare for the booth ahead of time, maybe in October, or even in September.

Of course, the earlier the better, I’ll be glad if they can finish it before the end of summer and release it. It would be a very exciting thing.


I doubt it, from the last update, unless they go light speed, I think there’s at least 3-4 months left. My bet is that they’ll keep it and release it for the 20 years of Half-Life, would be fitting


I hope they release the game when it’s done instead of an arbitrary games con or anniversary date.


Por que no los dos?
It’s not unheard of for a finished game to be slightly delayed to line up with a notable event.


Anyone else hoping the system used in this one area is expanded on? I mean it felt under used and more then a few players only notice it after playing the area several times.


Good job, you just reset Xen development by mentioning this.


highly doubt it, as IF the dev team doesn’t know of this system then something is wrong.


If that were the case then I’d be fine with it if it means we’re getting a cool feature expanded on.


Interesting feature, could add replayable element into Xen, giving player option to choose gameplay style. For stealth mode, could be nice if player had to solve some additional puzzle to get around, instead of just crouching and ignoring aliens.

If the devs didn’t know about this, I hope it could be additionally available with Steam Workshop like On the Rail Uncut.

I am also curious how design and areas in Interlooper will look like. Could be used for production of more things, for example some kind of Hivehand hatchery, or production line of those manta rays vessels.


I totally did not know about that alternate path! Welp, you know what this means doncha… Time to fire up Half Life again. :wink: