General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


Looks like we could get some exciting news on around 20th anniversary: HL Reddit

Can’t wait about another progress update, I hope there won’t be any spoilers :slight_smile:


I wonder if that sighting was at Syracuse’s Retro Game Con


OK,so it seems that no Xen this year…


So a dev at the gamescon had a laptop which contained a teaser for xen.
It’s probably not much, but still… Interesting.


posting video link. and things I noticed in it.

1.hound eye suiciders: they look like walking bombs, and seem to act like it.
2.explosive plants: how could I not notice them, took a while to realize those are plants.
3.A strange none headcrab creature looked to be attacking the gonarch in the scene where it threw a crystal at Gordon.
4. at 1:00 theProtozoan’s

Other then that trying not to die from hype.


I’ll be honest, I already knew about new enemy types. They’ve been leaked in the game files for a long time.


Sadly, the models are not in the files.


I know, been loving the suicide ones even if they where just an error when you summon them via console commands.

Though by the sounds of it in the trailer they might have improved all of the creatures. That and damn the knockback houndeye looks tanky.


Love how they put in the old floaters that used to be in Half life




How many areas did you guys recognize from the trailer? I noticed the huge “hamburger island” from the first Xen map

and this must the little cave area under the web in phase 2 of the Gonarch fight

Also, I think the battle with Gonarch in the video is set in the first area of Gonarchs lair…


That’s some good shit right there. I love the colors. I’m amazed that source can still produce stuff that looks like this.

Actually, that’s probably a sign that my PC isn’t gonna be able to run this thing very well.


Perfect “Run, Shoot, Think, Live” trailer, nicely crafted.

Few things I have noticed / liked:

Wow, the research settlements look stunning and creepy, looks like there could be first encounter with ZEV. Also with air ventilation / filtration, scientists can work inside without HEV suit (scientist coat zombie)

Flashlight shadows, blob shadows and RPG aim seems to be fixed.
I like the idea that plenty of teleporters could be switched by player. Probably some additional puzzles to activate it.

Baby headcrabs, baby houndeyes
Some weird shaped door or healing chamber at 1:02

Interlooper not shown yet, probably still needs some work.

Also not sure if Q2 was meant for beta release or final releasing and leaving EA.


I don’t know if this has been answered before, but, once Xen is released, will we see the bullsquid in the swamp during the Resonance Cascade?

At any rate, Xen looks fantastic. I almost cried watching the trailer! Keep up the great work, guys!


seeing as we see it 1 minute into the trailer who knows.


In this development blog, CC says:

So I would say chances are real good! :wink:


Yes, I have read all development blogs. :smiley: I was just curious if they would bring it back in that particular scene. Thanks!


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been absent from the thread for so long! I went on vacation in October and I’ve been in kind of a funk since I got back, so keeping the OP updated and participating in the community was a bit daunting to me. I’ll get the latest media put into the OP as soon as I have the time!

The Xen trailer is absolutely stunning, honestly. All the exotic Xen foliage and different environmental styles has me incredibly hyped to play it myself.


Only few days ago I have found that “Controllers” have “Lift / throw” animations. So it looks like it will be able to lift and throw props at player as one of many ways to attack. I wonder what kind of props could be in Interlooper chapter. Maybe some barrels, tools or materials used for Grunt production?

Also another way of “Lift” attack could be ability to lift the player and attack him with fireballs as he would be helplessly stuck in midair. Or even throw player away against a wall.


Maybe to make the “Lift” attack less overpowered the player can shoot the controller even with a weak weapon like the glock to make it stunned. If it uses props, maybe avoid them normally. It’s probably just for props or for both.


December 2018 news update:


This video alone from that update is just epic.

Also my favorite line from that update from the xen vort info.

In keeping with the original Xen, they won’t be hostile to the player by default.