General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


Oh look at the xen control image then the vort one note the fact they mention mind control. Note the purple beam to a controller.

100% betting there will be no vort kill runs for xen.

look at the long jump module bar, in the H-grunt video there is one bar, on this image there are three. looks like something is going to get upgraded.


It reminds me of Collector from ME2.


Looks like that Agrunt hivehand attack was also added for Gordon’s Alt-fire.


That is from an event that was meant to happen before teleporting to xen in that huge teleport room that is either scrapped or yet to be included perhaps moved that idea to a different part…


Wait controller lift and throw animations… great looks like the gravity guns precursor has been found. and they are aiming it at us.


Darkone I think it is a fantastic idea and also framing it as the origin of the gravity gun is brilliant… But the controller was going to lift and throw a scientist NPC in a cutscene from what I remember… So if that is the animation then I hope it still gets included somewhere

How many physics props are floating around in xen?

But absolutely endorse them being able to do the attack by flinging stuff it would be great and really fits their ability of anti gravity. It is a much better attack then their silly energy balls. I always felt they should be able to latch on in a psycic way and mess up your controls for a small time switching left to right right to left and or forward to back, back to forward jump to duck and duck to jump say for a limited time while they psycic attack. The screen would have an animated overlay to show the psycic attack would have been latched on. Perhaps give the player a chance in slow motion to shoot and kill the controller that has you psycic latched.

Anyway let’s face it the Controller attack method was poor…

Happy Xmas and New Year!


The xen look cool but why diferent portal look in xen not green in lamba portal look like original half life. So xen be a larger then original hl xen map. It would be cool if make a new creepy creature.


I mean in black mesa lambda portals looks like half life 1 but in xen trailer portals not same as lambda portals before gordon teleport to xen so why make diferent ?


The Xen trailer has reached 1M views on YouTube. Congratulations, guys! =D


will the blood/chemical splashes on the character and weapon models return when Xen is pushed out? I remember it was taken out due to causing some kind of hiccup in the engine after the new dynamic lighting was implemented


Here is the fix for the BLood Decals
type cl_mdldetailfx_enable 1 in the console


Hey, now that I think about it, isn’t there cut combine advisor code that has them project a zero-gravity field and throw physics objects at the player? Maybe the devs are going to be reusing some of those elements. After all, they did mention that comtrollers would be able to use a shield, and, if memory serves, advisors would have also been able to create a shield.


Someone posted this in a discord server the other day, and I figured it was worth putting here, it’s probably old news, but it sounds like the sort of thing that CC might draw on for inspiration.
That said, I doubt we’ll see anything as dramatic as the merging of interloper and nihilanth.


Great stuff. Read it a while back, It’d be awesome to see some inspiration from these lines.