General Xen Chit-Chat Thread


What was the deal with the barrel cactus, if I may ask?


And what all does the UI overhaul actually entail?


My understanding is it will scale better at 4k along with rearranging some of the graphics options while adding more of them.


When you type “Barrel Cactus Black Mesa” on Google, you’ll find a book called “Black Mesa Project: Environmental Impact Statement”, and it mentions barrel cactus. True story, it’s in Google Books. What are the odds?

Joking aside, it sounds like the final release is closer than it has ever been. But it also sounds like there is still a ton of work to achieve, so, is Q2 still on the table? I mean, take your time guys, I’d rather have a good and flawless game, but I also like to know where it’s going so I can be prepared :slight_smile:


The entire standard Source UI framework (called VGUI) has been gutted and replaced with a system called QT Quick (from what I understand, it’s comparable to HTML5/CSS, which is what basically all modern titles use these days - it’s fast, responsive, and works with controllers).

Basically the entire interface is replaced.

That is a story for another day!

Q2 is still on track. Going to be tough, but we can do it.


Ok, that’s definately going into the Pre-Disaster documents, especially since I always assumed Black Mesa was built into an old mining facility to begin with.


I see dev team create alot caves in xen it would be perfect to add this creatures from Half-life 2 episode two antlion lerva i think it would be good ide becouse these all creatures come from xen.


Antlion_grub and these are cave creatures so this is why to be are good idea to add xen caves.

and how about this creature did we see this in xen. we all know that xen maps wuold be are large maps. I realea want to see new creatures in xen. And how about x race creatures in half life oporsing force we only see creatures in earth but how about on alien world it wuold be interesting learn about x race creatures life in alien world we know that x race are smarten.sadly we never see this in xen i think becouse this not hapen i think becouse dev team dont do this, but who knows maybe dev team suprise all us.


I go back to half life vikepedia read that x race come from diferent dimension so it could be posible that x race and xen creatures living in diference places so maybe these creatures not living together. I would be good idea that remake of Oporsing force dev team could create x race world becouse we know in oporsing force Andrian Shephard get teleportation weapon to let him in critical moment or anytime teleport in xen world but we see small flying land nothing more im talking about this map in oporsing force

. It would be interesting how looks these maps after realease oporsing force. We dont get any information about alienworld oporsing force. To operation black mesa team it would be good idea to create x race world in the future.


We’re not adding entirely new creatures or any cut stuff, or anything from HL2. We’re sticking to what’s already in our game, plus a few special variants.


And whoat are special variants you talking ?


I see xen trailer so i have queshion for you why xen portals is no longer green ? But in lamda portals have green color.


RE: Special variants; it’s a surprise!

RE: Xen portals; those are the same as in Lambda Core. Entrances orange, exits green.


We know of a few of them do to leaks.

Though those few where shown in teh trailer. The Suicide houndeye and The concusion version.

Betting there will be atleast one bullsquid varrient and an A-grunt one.

Mostly as I want to see an A-grunt who acts like an LMG with twin hive hands… Though I also hope they weaponize snark nests for the A-grunts cause imagine one of them throwing a snark nest at you it explodes and suddenly you have 3-5 snarks on you.


My real question is will the Xen assets and maps be added to the SFM Black Mesa DLC?
I really would love to animate within this amazing world that Crowbar Collective have created, and every time I try to port a map that was excluded from the DLC, if breaks completely in SFM. I know that for the Xen maps, some HDR changes might have to be made for it to work in SFM, though surely it would be worth it for all of the fanart to be created in it!
Been trying to ask this question for a while yet havent gotten any response.