Gonarch Bug with Satchel Bombs

In Gonarch’s Lair, I came up with the clever idea to spread out a series of satchel bombs in hopes of chain- detonating them later after Gonarch made his appearance.

Pleased with my idea, I planted one satchel without detonating it. I planted another. I planted a third. I attempted to plant a fourth but the game froze completely. I had to do a hard kill of the game (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and restart the game. I repeated the strategy and got another hard freeze. This happened 3 times in different places of Gonarch’s Lair. I have never had any problems up until this point

I have given up on this strategy but I wanted to report the bug. The game is otherwise terrific.

I have a PC gaming machine, MSI Ace motherboard, 2080 Super game card, 32 gigs ram, AMD Ryzen 3900x.