- valve show

the whole show aired this night on spike about valve.

and they still managed to find a way to fit Justine into the episode to sell a laptop.

God damn it I wish my incompetence could land me a job like that.

i have a bad feeling that hl3 wont be announced today.

It wasn’t. There was never a chance or a suspicion. The episode was pretty much without substance just as is every episode of GTTV.

Thanks for that. I’m kinda looking forward to having Steam on my 52" TV to game on.

So Gabe is off to vacation in S. Africa to witness and interact with sharks. He’ll be a tantalizing and mouth watering morsel… I hope he doesn’t end up “sleeping with the fishes.”

He is going to troll the sharks just like he trolls us

can anyone tell me when does it starts?

The shark coupling season? Don’t worry, not until few month from now.

While mingling with sharks, wouldn’t it be great if Gabe gets attacked by an Ichthyosaur and gets bit in the ass resulting in him having an epiphany in the realization of how fragile and short life is. Then upon returning back to Valve he issues the edict to publicize the current status of HL3 by way of releasing artwork, screenshots, a gameplay trailer, confirmation HL3 is using Source2 and a tentative release date. Of course, if Gabe brought along his trusty old crowbar, and considering his physical size, the Ichthyosaur wouldn’t stand a chance. So I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting, sigh.

I thought it was okay overall. I’m kind of pumped for the documentary. I’ve never really played too much of DOTA 2 since I can’t understand how the game works that well as it’s my first MOBA game. What I really like is how a good chunk of the people that are in the documentary seem to have some issues with their parents and gaming. Sounds like it should be interesting.