Guard looks like he ate a green glowstick

Not sure if this is just me (I’ve tried unsubscribing from workshop addons to be safe), but I’ve noticed the guard at the top of the elevator in the chapter “Apprehension” - the one who gets taken down by black ops assassins - appears to have the inside of his mouth glowing bright green. Maybe an unintended side effect of the new lighting system? Would be curious to know if anyone else has encountered this.

Likely the same bug is mentioned in the Known Issues section of the release notes for the last update:

Multi colored NPC teeth. The fix above for the teeth being completely black, may cause them to be rainbow colored on some machines. We will investigate.

I haven’t encountered it myself, but I haven’t played much since the update (yet).

Ah, apologies, I didn’t notice it was already mentioned in the Known Issues section. Thanks for pointing it out to me! Not sure if the devs appreciate knowing where specifically players are encountering the bug, so maybe if I encounter any more I’ll add them to this thread. I can say at least on my end that it’s not random NPCs – rather, it’s that specific guard every time I’ve re-loaded the game/map, and it occurs even when the face creation system spawns a different looking guard of varying race/features.