GWXConfigManager crap


Hey, folks.

I signed up with Microsoft to be notified when Windows 10 will be available to so I can make a decision as to whether to get it or not. Microsoft then evidently installed GWXConfigManager.exe which is evidently a program that will make sure my computer is ready for Windows 10.

That’d be fine with me if the program didn’t take up nearly a quarter of my CPU usage and it’s been going for nearly a week now. Anyone know how to stop this? I still would like to possibly upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes out, but I can’t take having essentially one core of my quad core devoted JUST FOR THAT.

Thanks, everyone!



Just had this start affecting me today (on Windows 7) - I could hear a lot of unexpected HDD activity, so I opened Resource Monitor and found that GWXConfigManager.exe reading a bunch of different files (mostly executables).

After looking it up I found out it was installed as part of Windows Update KB3035583, which is apparently supposed to “assist” with upgrading to Windows 10 by showing a Windows Update notification for it (once it is available) and possibly running compatibility checks (which might be what GWXConfigManager.exe was doing).

I uninstalled the update through Control Panel and the GWXConfigManager.exe process stopped.



Thanks for that tip! I had that update but had not installed it yet. Now it is gone.