Hackers are already plaguing an already dead (albeit, unfinished) multiplayer.

The title pretty much says it all!

I launched the game and navigated to the server browser; Out of the 27 servers that displayed, one server had players (11); so I hastily joined.

Immediately upon joining, I see a player bunnyhopping around the map at INSANE speeds; instagibbing players with the Tau gun, topping the charts with 153 kills, and having at least 3 of the 11 players attempting to use !report, /report, etc. in the server chat. - They thought it was hilarious. - The server has already dropped 4 players.

And this happens nearly every time I get online. - It makes it even worse that the only servers that are populated have 180-300 ping! (4/5 of the players on the server do as well!).

This led me thinking that I may have to host my own dedicated server for people to play on and appoint some active, respected community members as administrators on it.

So I figured I would ask you all:

- If I were to host a server (US), what location would be best suited for you all, out of Los Angeles, Texas, or New York?

- Any plugins that you would like to see implemented? Ie. FragRadio, improved stat tracking, etc?

- Anything else you’d like to suggest?

I’m tired of having cheaters kill a game that (personally) has been the most fun I’ve had since Half Life 1 in 1998. So I’d like to make it a more fun place to play!

What say you? :c


My advice is to pick whichever server location is closest to you, since you are likely to be its most loyal player. (While you would think that responses here would give you a good idea of where the most BMDM players are, the overlap between Players and Posters is probably smaller than you’d expect.)

From a logistics standpoint, New York is great because you get a trans-Atlantic cable connection, and the ability to have European players with a somewhat playable amount of lag.

I know I this is a bad thing to say when veterans of the game are near… but I really don’t like playing against players using the Tau.
Even when it was slightly nerfed, being instakilled isn’t that much fun.

Well, we’d need an active playerbase for one, but there are people creeping around so it doesn’t matter, I got a maximum of 8 people one time hosting using my internet.
I play in Australia but I can Tau pretty well, so that isn’t much of a deal, however the East Coast would be more suited for me (200 ping on the dot mostly)

I think a maximum player limit of 16 can do you well, 20+ would be too much, 12 is optimal though.
I also think that if this is a casual game, we don’t need stats (we already have !top10 but its shit) just probably get some plugins to balance the game more, it’s alright enough as vanilla as it is.

If this does go on I’ll probably be looking forward to it.

I tried jumping into the multiplayer a couple times, only to find it was dead. I’d gladly play frequently if there were an active, and fair, server to play on!

is there any type of tracking how many people are logging in to mp servers per day? I know a lot of times its bots. Also, the OG Half-life players are so good it seems like they are cheating, being able to fly around the map and destroying everything with a tau. No doubt there are plenty of cheats though

There are few players, that are destroing this game, not because of skills but because of cheats!
35/0 K/D ratio - it’s not normal, AIM, WH, you name it.
I would love to play with all you guys, veterans, fresh players - but it’s impossible.
I was considered few times a cheater myself because of knowledge and skills, but please… Really - some people just joining server to destroy a party.
You feeling pretty good with normal-playing users, and BOOM… Some Russian chackers joined, and I’m not the first one, who knows this - party is over.
Ther should be some way to ban/vote/remove players from servers.
And there should be some big fixes - servers are VAC secured, but this is not working.
And funny thing - those players joining not from Steam even.

Ps. I would love to see even one server running like it should with people playing DM, TDM, etc. For me (I’m from Poland) any location will be good for server - I don’t care so much for high ping.
I prefer clean servers, without any additional stuff, but this is just me.
Official servers are down for me - don’t know the reaseon, but everytime I’m trying to connect - there is reconnection problem.
This game is so beautiful, yet - so dead…