Half-life 1 theme restrooms? done! xD


Hello game fans! here is a little topic about a little funny project started on a joke with friends. As a big fan of half life. Now when you are going to my toilets, here is what you will have.
It’s based on an arduino board with passive infrared sensor to detect the human movement. The flush button is metallic and connected to a capacitive sensor chip to detects the finger. The water level use floating sensors for tank filling. A microphone with automatic gain control IC detects…hum…some human ambiant sounds and randomly play posts like Barney with “uuuuuh that’s stink here!” or “something dies here no?”. Very funny
the microphone is very sensitive! near to be able to sense a flie fart at 10 meters lol!
The sounds comes from the Half-Life 1 and opposing force games (from Pak0.Pak files). Some are modified and copied on a micro sd card.
It’s an experience now !
enjoy! (feel free to share :wink: )
The video

and here is my facebook picture album of all the development :slight_smile: