Half-Life 2: DM server with HL1 maps

Join us @ * BLACK MESA 2 0 1 2 HL1 : DM : S ONLY [Votes|FastDL]

20slot | located: eu | only hl1 :s ource maps | no low gravity | oldscool gameplay


Join you?!?!?! I’ll never join the dark side of the force General Grievous!

But, I’ll try out that server sometime tomorrow if I have the time to. I loved the HL1 Maps.

this is just what i was looking for

just join don’t be shy :slight_smile:

. . . But what if I don’t Join? . .

joined, nobody there, disconnected, game crashed XD

i don’t have Hl2DM :frowning: . i should get it.

God you again? You were advertising this shit on the steam group page too. Get lost.

why? to bring life to hl2dm couse ppl only play on runoff and other shitty killbox maps


in my opinion, once the half life weapons are in the server (yes its do-able) more people would probably join

do u think its possible to addcustom weapons to a hl2dm server?
ive never see anywhere soemhting liek that, but if u know how to pls help

… Why not just play Half-Life Deathmatch: Source then?

We could always wait for BM:S deathmatch.
Which is kinda the point…

couse it has low resoultion maps?

HLDMS is waaaayyyy more fun than hl2dm. But nobody plays it. There are zero servers.

I was expecting this server to be maps ripped from HLDMS, but so far it’s been said maps remade in the vein of Black Mesa.

a few of the stock maps in hl2DM are remakes, except they’re interesting because the theme has been changed to that of HL2.

hahaha same! but my PC didn’t crash :slight_smile:


So true.

they are?!?!?!?!?! i need to know of which ones are so i can play them more :smiley:

it wasnt my PC it was HL2DM