Half-Life 2's auto reload

So I’m playing Half-Life 2 and I come across this annoying feature where it will automaticaly reload my gun.

Yes, I’ve tried looking for the solution with google and on other forums.

What I am talking about is described best with the folowing:

I Fire my SMG (don’t reload)
I Fire off a bunch of other weapons, atleast three.
I Go back to my SMG after 20 seconds of doing the above.
Bam, the SMG is always back at full ammo in the clip with the missing ammo subtracted from my total amount. (So it effectively reloaded for me)

I have tried the console command “-reload”. That did not work.

Yes, but it’s annoying and breaks immersion. In Half-Life 1, you got the pleasure of reloading all your weapons manually after a prolonged battle before heading on to the next area.

AFAIK, The only fix would be to make a mod that removes the auto-reload code. There’s not an option or console command, nor is there a text-based script you can edit. Sorry.

-reload is used by the normal reloading system, and does not turn off auto reloading.

I cant find anything either. I just grew to live with it

Aw fuck. How am I going to find a mod that just does that?

I Black Mesa probably wouldn’t have it so I guess my best step would be to PM this to a developer.

I thought this was about enemies auto-reloading with infinite bullets… oh well.
Also, it’s pretty obvious that Gordon’s HEV suit reloads for him, the thing practically has a mind of it’s own sometimes, it’s not like it’s some sort of space-magic that’s reloading for him…

All jokes aside, I can’t really see auto-reload being too “immersion-breaking”. I didn’t even notice it my first playthrough (a month ago or so.) but that’s mostly because I tend to use a gun till it runs out of ammo then swap to my others.

Sounds like a trivial feature, but thinking about it I agree. I like having to worry about how much ammo is in each clip on each weapon during a prolonged fight.

Hopefully the devs could implement this as another toggle-able option in the menu, and that it wouldn’t take too much effort for them to do.

Perhaps we could have this thread moved to the suggestions area?

I never even noticed this… not gonna say it’s trivial, but I honestly don’t see why anyone could care.

Edit: Watch me start to notice this and care in a week.

Oh, that’s just it. As soon as you notice it it’s one of the most immersion-shattering things I’ve come across in a game. It is on its own level of confusnig and annoying.

I have always enjoyed that moment after a firefight where you had to reload every gun. Unfortuately that is nonexistent in Half-Life 2 becasue of this bothersome feature.

Thank you, this is the first good lead I’ve gotten so far.

Wow, can’t believe I never noticed this.

I could definitely see this annoying the fuck out of me next time I play HL2 if I don’t know the concommand to fix it.

The antlion waves levels in episode 2 would be impossible without this feature.

Not really, since you can easily do it entirely with the smg1 or shotgun & never need to switch weapons. There’s also an easy way to place the turrets so you can easily sit out the entire fight.

I don’t think I noticed it on my very first playthroughs. But then…I noticed something strange. I couldn’t tell if it was a bug or something.

Deal with it bro, actually i didn’t realised that until I saw this thread but actually I think that Half life series will be quite annoying without the auto-reload

im autistic so i always checked all my weapons even though i knew it happened automatically, just to be sure

I never even noticed this. I think you’re paying a little too much attention to the game than was intended. It’s like people complaining about people in games not having trigger discipline.

Now I am annoyed by this thanks!! LOL

Maybe I’m OCD about reloading, but I noticed this about HL2 in Route Canal. What I don’t get is how people manage to get through the whole of HL2 and the episodes without ever noticing it. I mean, it’s a gameplay feature in a (arguably) gameplay driven game. I even catch myself using “R”>“Q”>“Q” in HL too often for my liking.

I reload almost always before it runs out in any case.

Honestly not that big of a deal. Like usario said just look up the command and fix it if it really bothers you THAT much.

Before I run out I always reload so it’s not a bother to me. It’s all the years of playing CS 1.5