Half-Life 3 new features?

When Half-Life 3 (eventually) releases what features do you expect from the engine? I think there will be destructible environments, greatly improved AI both hostile and friendly, maybe the ability to mutilate ala Left 4 Dead (not too sure on this one as I don’t think it really suits Half-Life) and Greatly improved Lighting, with god rays and realistic shadows.

on another note, I don’t think the Portal Gun will make an Appearance in Half-Life 3.

A special animation system.
Higher resolution textures.
A greatly improved Source Engine.
Everything they were able to add in their previous games, like more realistic water (Portal 2), appearance of enemy groups without FPS drops (L4D), cloth simulation. (Dota 2)

Don’t we already have a thread like this?

They had that swarm tech demo. Maybe something to do with that.

As long as it looks at least as good as CS:GO, I’m okay … just improve the character models and animations, the worst part imo

The charactermodels and animations aren’t made by Valve.

I just want them to give both the player & npcs a more realistic collision system & physics, so characters can be in the same scale as the environment.

Correct scaling would be a nice addition. Everything seems so oversized in HL2 :confused:


Maybe when you stand RIGHT up against it, but thats a problem in most first person shooters anyway.

I personally expect VALVe to take Alyx’s AI and improve it even more. Plus of course all the updates to the source engine.

I think hl2 is still the best game in 2012 it they made better facial animation in 2003 then any of the new generation games …they should add ragdoll for rope :slight_smile: thats my only problem

up to date shaders, as in skin with actual translucency. This phong face shit ain’t cute no more. I didn’t get really fed up with it till I played through max payne 3. Such beautiful face work, all ruined by the fucking horrible skin shader.

I’d really like more robust mapping tools. The best shit I’ve seen come out of hammer is on par with average-pretty good works from other apps’ default tools, and even then they have tons of cheats and shit going on. Icy tundra is coming up, so I expect moderate improvements on the terrain front.

I’d also like to see more put into sound propogation and shit. What they have is pretty damn good, but I’d still like to see more personally.

Just look at anybody standing near a door way, or near a prop like a gas tank. Everyone looks 3/4 the size they should compared to the world around them.

The ability to customize Gordon’s beard.

I want better NPC hit detections and reactions akin to, say, RAGE.

I think we must think logicly. So…
We know that there will be the Arctic. So we will play (sometimes) on open spaces. It means that in the game must be realistic shadows, change of weather. Actually, improved AI, dynamic change of model (for example, Gordon and Alyx are going on the surface. Then blizzard is beggining, and the model of Alyx, in some time, cover the layer of snow). Next… improved imitation of open spaces, improved weather… Until all!



less loading

if footsteps wont stay in snow ill kill myself

A-m, I remember that in the CS-CZ DS footsteps staied. VALVE MUST NOT BE SUCH STUPID, I hope.