Half-Life 3 new features?


Or even better, no loading at all, which is perfectly possible to do using a map format that isn’t a thousand years old and a good data streaming system.


The end of the combine soldiers “teacup” animation.


The worst thing that got me about scaling was when AI was walking up stairs. For instance, Alyx. It looks like she’s jumping up them


The end of the combine soldier “teacup” animation.


As long as they release a new codebase with ep3 so we can play around with the new features in mods, I’ll be happy.
They wouldn’t even have to add anything that wasn’t present in the latest builds. They will anyway.




A full length HL can still be called ep3.

And some of the devs still talked about Episode 3, like one of the voice actors.


“Ellen and I haven’t heard anything about a new Half-Life episode”


This would be awesome, The reactions and death animations were very realistic.


The one thing I’ve been thinking about recently is how the journey to the arctic is going to take place. If the most recent leaked concept art is anything to go by, it’s pretty clear that Gordon and Alyx fly the helicopter seen at the end of ep2 to the arctic, and it crashes. Now, I don’t expect the player will pilot the helicopter, as there is no reason Gordon would know how to fly, but it seems improbable that the journey will take place as a cutscene, even from a first-person perspective, Valve philosophy with the Half-Life series so far. This is what I believe: to accommodate this section of the game, and (also, going by the leaked concept art) due to the fact that sections of the game will take place in large, outdoor arctic environments, I think Valve will improve displacements, and allow the engine to render large outdoor environments more efficiently.

The new version of source will be better at handling large, detailed outdoor areas.


This sort of lighting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMjXx-KweIo

Also, the Left 4 Dead navigation system for NPCs and some subtle use of the AI director.


Wow, people are requesting more than will likely actually be new in Half-Life 3


The ability to play with Gabe instead of Gordon which goes with a total change of gameplay, graphics and story: You reduce your body, go yellow and have to eat the shit outta the level while being persecuted by advisors which have also changed their habitus, color and grown eyes… oh wait…

no, srsly, i want sharper textures (one of the major flaws in half life 2 for me graphics wise. The character models and animations are still able to hold ground against some AAA Games released today. This, however, does not mean that they shouldn’t be improved further :wink: ). New Weapons would also be nice, it bored the shit outta me in EP1 and EP2 to have no new possibilites (no, the car, the flares and tree logs didn’t count) , but it’s probably very unlikely. Maybe a better NPC Interaction system (not only towards the player but also under the NPCS themselves).
A total graphic overhaul would also be nice but is also very unlikely (apart from improvements in lightning, physics, etc. maybe).
But i don’t really care that much about graphics anyway, it doesn’t have to be the new Crysis.
As long as the story progresses, the presentation is good and there are new gameplay mechanics I’ll be fine.


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So the specific characters they play don’t have a large role/aren’t at the final recording stage yet.
The Overwatch announcer, for instance, will definitely not play a big role in Ep3, if any, seeing as the Citadel has been completely destroyed. Certainly nothing that requires new dialogue.
You keep saying HL3, but that will not happen until the current story arc is ended. Even if it’s the length of two full games, the next HL game will be called Episode 3.
If it bothers you that much, make a mod when it comes out that mounts all the game’s content and changes the Steam and main menu titles to HL3.


Lol, how delusional and cute.
Keep telling that yourself when everyone will be playing HL3 and you waiting for EP3 till your deathbed.


It can be heard in Episode 2 from the shack near the beginning of the game, so it clearly doesn’t require a functioning Citadel.


Not to mention the same voice actors are often re-used for other characters etc.