Half-Life 3 new features?


Who. The fuck. Cares. What. It’s. Called.


^ Do Tard.

Well, that deferred rendering tech in the ASW vid was just a community completed version of something that was incomplete and broken and deactivated. Valve is probably one step ahead of ya’ll on most of this.


A new Source Engine which can give us some epic looking visuals.


With great optimization


Why don’t you post some more alpha footage noob :wink:


What? …


I think a prominent new feature to HL3 will be the ability to strip Alyx of all her clothes whenever you like, and if she’s on low health, the ability to take advantage, even if there are zombies creeping around. They even join in on the fun.



hey i think this has nothing to do with hl3 but , does anyone know where this is from?


You really think it gonna be released?


HL3 will start with Alex and Gordon in a helicopter flying over the Arctic.
The chopper crashes and Gordon is knocked unconscious. He awakes to discover that the whole of HL1, 2, 2.1 and 2.2 were all just a long dream.
He’s actually just an employee in a Paper Bag factory in Milwaukee.

The G-Man is his boss (who’s real name is Gareth Mann). Alex is the receptionist and Dr. Breen is his therapist. Barney is an old colleague of Gordon’s and they play golf on the weekend.


If they take a chopper, I pray they have a safe touchdown. I’m so damn sick of helicopters crashing all the time in video games and movies (and real life).




Jethrosoup, I’m so sorry.

But it does look awesome.


The general graphical improvements most sequils have.
I will also be expecting better AI.

I’d also hope for multiple endings (Possibly similar to Half-Life’s end game choice).

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=CC2PFQVe-8U&NR=1


I’d go for the multiple ending choice. It’ll probably have something to do with what you may find in the Borealis. I’m guessing that Valve may equip you with a new device or weapon that’ll enable to overcome, or bypass, the Combine Advisors’ strong telekenetic powers.

There should definitely be more Border World-based enemies and bosses. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a boss battle in the manner of the Tentacles and the Nihilinth.


I remember Sin: Episodes (another source engine game) was going to have community-driven outcomes, where the trends of player actions would affect the plot of the game in future episodes, but was cancelled after only the first episode. Valve could do something like this, but It’s pretty unlikely, seeing as how free-will doesn’t really make for good story-telling. Especially with something that’s been hyped-up as much as the Borealis.


Just a little thought and a question not worthy to have it’s own thread:
Thanks to the “self-illuminating glass” comments and due to me re-watching the “on a rail” footage a few times, do you guys think that the way glass breaks in Source:

  • is realistic
  • semi-realistic
  • kinda outdated
  • are you kidding? sucks completely

Options, and an example please how a glass should react to a bullet from a handgun and such ^_


Semi-realistic. Depends on the glass type in RL.

I would like to see hair physics into the new engine. And something as original as the Gravity Gun (maybe Displacer-esque pistol?)


-better animations
-realistic weather effects
-a Gordon viewmodel (worldmodel too if mp/co-op)
-I’m sold