Half-Life 3 new features?


Alright, what the fuck is up with people that say this stupid shit?

The first Half Life probably had the most gibs per death than any game in 98. More than any Quake game at least. The only reason why they pulled it from the humanoid characters in HL2 is because gibs stopped making sense as a whole. Dismemberment still does, and would fit just fine in the HL2 + games. It’s just more of a bitch to implement.


I would love to see better animations, more realistic physics, a more open world setting that episode 2 another thing I would love would be a improved weapon system making all guns equal like having a system where you can upgrade a gun in small ways granted I don’t see how it could be implemented but I like the ideal. Also I would like to have small side missions you can do to add to a open world feel :smiley:


I want it to be epic like a corduroy clad merchant’s turgid moustache when it moistens during rainy quay deliveries.


Great Ideal but with what currency… wait maybe a certain microwave casserole could be the currency :smiley: xD


Simply put, its the most likely scenario, hopefully outdoor environments will look somewhat more organic.


Essentially this, but let me add a bit to it:

  • better animations - and make them sensitive to the environment (Uncharted 3-like)
  • better ai - make enemies more aware of their surroundings (RAGE-like), this goes hand in hand with a better animation system
  • physics - not like in source and most other engines where everything seems to have zero inertia. Also add softbodies and better water physics. Also make stuff destructable (like the DMM Engine).
  • realistic weather effects - including rain, snow, storms and have things physically affected by this (cloth physics and stuff)
  • realistic lighting
  • make the world as a whole more dynamic and interactable

In terms of physics, Source2 really needs to take everything one step further. The physics systems in modern games are still very very basic and not very realistic. This is something with lots of potential for improvements. If they manage to make this work in multiplayer it would be even more awesome.


Improved IK/ locomotion. srs. Maybe then there’ll be proper first person legs too. No more fucked up ascent and decent of stairs, no more legs snapping up and down when one foot is on a rock.


I’m hoping that the time Valve is spending on the game is being used to take full advantage of the PC tech out right now. We’re long overdue for a new game to push some boundaries. As long as it’s for a reason I wouldn’t mind the game being difficult to play (like Crysis) on lower end PCs. It would be nice if Valve made it really scalable though.


More variety in headcrab zombies (perhaps using the Left 4 Dead?) - it’s a bit immersion breaking to see the same guy in the white shirt over and over again. Hopefully, female ones too!


Yeah, and some rebel/ medic zombies.


You’re going to talk about a little leg snap? Good lord…that code is unique to Half-Life 2…the IK interaction with the environment doesn’t exist in any other game how the foot adjusts to an incline etc…as far as I know.

No one cares what people want or hope for Half-Life 3 because it’s just a bunch of piranhas fighting for ideas Valve won’t look at and have every right and sufficient common sense not to.


per-object motion blur because that screen crap doesnt work its always either too big or not enough and from what ive seen its not enough in source, its already in ASW and portal 2 but in ASW when turned on its only noticable in first person and Portal 2 you can turn it on but it doesnt do anything





The animation of Halo: Reach


It’d be nice to see it implemented on something other than explosions. Like, for example, if a rebel gets caught partially by a strider’s singularity cannon, it’d make sense that just one of his limbs got desintegrated. He still dies, of course, but it would make a nice detail.

Also, yeah, more skins and models for zombies. It is annoying seeing the same poor white wearing bastard caught by headcrabs. Or zombines only using the normal combine soldier skin (no shotgunner variants, nor metrocops).

Also, a resistance that looks better prepared. I find it kind of hard to swallow that they got stockpiles of bullets, shells, grenades and rockets, a fucking soviet silo, but not one rebel using old soviet equipment, camouflage or the like.


^ I’d like to see a bigger variety of more extravagant combine weapons, or just alien weapons in general.

What I would like is for large darkmatter explosions to (quite) slowly disintegrate a person from the spot they were shot from. If they were shot in the leg, they’d keep screaming till their chests were gone.


Why would that effect travel so slowly, when the beams always travel so fast?


Better particle and lighting effects of course (as well)


I want Source 2’s new graphical features to directly add to gameplay. I’m not sure if that’s the best way to put it… Think about Portal 2 and the gels. They created a really cool graphical effect and made it into a really interesting gameplay feature. I want to see things like that in HL3- physics puzzles taken to a whole new dimension.

Valve knows plenty about putting together good graphics and good gameplay, and I have no doubt we will see that in a new weapon or tool. It’s hard to beat the crowbar and gravity gun, but I’d like to see a third new weapon, perhaps one that takes advantage of new graphics.

Despite the competition from other 3D engines (now more than ever), I know they will surprise us. Even if HL3 doesn’t have the massive polygon count/huge number of effects we see in other games, it will still look stunning; Valve knows how to be resourceful.

On a side note, there will be new water effects. Furthermore, when HL2 is upgraded to Source 2, I guarantee they will be included… 15 years from now, we will see HL2 remade in Source 2. The mod will be called Black Mesa: City 17.[/SIZE]