Half-Life 3 new features?


That’s a terrible name.


HAHA, very terrible…


Boobs and more boobs…!


Because it’s cool.


City 17: Sou2ce.


That’s better. It wasn’t my intention at the time of that post to figure out the perfect name for such a mod.


I doubt my suggestion would be perfect either :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d probably follow the current trend that so far only has BM, and call it City 17. Then again, I would probably never be on a mod team undertaking something that people would judge so harshly, like how some people complain about everything the BM devs do.


Okay, time for some OT.

I’d like to see more varied rebel models and faces, maybe a different skingroup. Also, more extravagant weaponry. The most alien thing in HL2 was the combine assault rifle and the antlion grubs. What happened to the gun that was essentially a giant mouth that shot flies or a vacuum cleaner that desintegrates your enemies? It’d be neat to see something along those lines again.


There most likely won’t be any rebels in HL3 since they’re going to some remote location. If there are rebel-like people in the game I would like the diversity you’re talking about though.


Killstreaks. Iron sights. Computer-aided aiming. Multiplayer. Constant whining of faggots over the mic. Yeah, sounds like a great game to me.


Killstreaks in single player is an awesome idea in a shooter that has yet to be done well.

It would be like crit combos in beat em up games.


I would like to see the return of some of the old enemies from HL1. That was one of my major complaints about HL2. There’s thousands of Xenian creatures across earth in the game but somehow, Gordon only encounters Headcrabs and anything that derives from them. With the exception of the Vortigaunts of course.

A Gargantua fight could be fun. As long as it’s not a cat and mouse game like the originals, I’d be fine with it. Valve has gotten really good with boss fights over the years and I couldn’t see them having any trouble making a good 'ol Garg fight.


I wonder what happened to all the Vortogaunt " genetic offshoots" like the garg and the grunts. I’m guessing the combine killed them all off. I can’t see how they could have been useless in any way to them though.


Well, houndeyes and bullsquids were planned for HL2 but got scrapped :frowning: sadly… not to mention female combine with dat’ ass as well > :frowning:
Yeah, I’d like them to recycle som unused stuff like those epic synths one can encounter in HL2 but can’t fight


Let’s not forget the obvious… the best HL3 feature anyone could possibly think of is a release date. :slight_smile:


I would actually like to see a huge growth in the appearance of synth 'bines. Like, so many that only 20% of the enemies in the game stand on two legs.


What about the short-lived pheropod/bugbait weapon that could command a pack of antlions to go kill your enemies?


Yeah I’m kind of disappointed you couldn’t use that weapon really any place except at the prison.




Well, if you actually threw a pheropod in a place with no antlions in it, affected metrocops and soldiers would start to freak out like they’re allergic to the stuff. But I never found it actually useful.


They should have given it to you again in Episode 2. Have it taken out of the Antlion Guard that accompanied the Guardian. Then have the antlions reappear around the White Forrest Silo, so you could control them while fighting off the striders & hunters. Maybe that way they could have kept the soldiers that were cut from the battle. But now I’m just rambling.

Personally, I’d rather have them instantly turn to solid ash & crumble with the slightest touch, but I guess I’m just not as sadistic as you.

Not to mention the gravity gun.

& antlions & barnacles & worker antlions & leeches & antlion guards & an ichthyosaur.

The Controllers & Grunts supposedly died off without the Nihilanth.

That was the only thing that made the Garg encounters interesting to begin with. When you can just whip out a few explosives or the Gluon gun & shoot it until it dies, it just becomes dull. That’s why they can only be killed with scripted sequences in Black Mesa.

That idea was retarded from the get-go. You might as well just slap the helmet onto a DOA: Beach Volleyball character, give her a gun & call it a day.