Half-Life 3 new features?


^best mod idea ever moty 2013


that depends on how well can source handle jiggle physics


I agree, I’m glad the Combine Assassin’s were cut, they don’t make sense for the Combine. Nothing is supposed to be appealing about the Combine. The transhumanist forces are inhuman monsters warped for military efficiency, they wouldn’t leave breasts on a female.

And on topic with the thread itself, I want HL3 to have advanced graphical features, and a material property based physics system. As in, every wall, floor, object and person instead of just being models, has the molecular properties it should. Sort of like an extremely advanced DMM. Glass breaks with a certain amount of force, and fractures appropriately. A Gravity Gun could rip off splinters of wood and skewer enemies with it. Rather than an “explosive barrel” igniting after a few gunshots, the barrel is made of a “metal material” encasing an “explosive gas material”. A bullet penetrates the “metal” casing, and the “gas” may or may not explode depending on the friction and power of the projectile. The hole flexes realistically and if the gas hasn’t already ignited, it will leak out over time, or might even cause a slow burn if shot twice.

The “weaponizers” leaked in the Dota 2 Client a while back would work with this “material engine”. It might warp the physical properties of the world around Gordon. “Weaponizer_Liquid/Metal/Concrete” could take in matter from liquid, metal, or concrete sources. Probably even be able to change the states of these sources. Freezing water to walk over it, shooting molten metal at enemies, “phasing” (by which I mean temporarily turning into gas to walk through) a concrete wall. Maybe even being able to trap enemies in walls of ice/concrete/metal. I imagine it might be HL3’s gravity gun.


That might make sense with the art of Gordon running from the Adviser with the world warping around him too. Kind of reminds me of Scribblenauts where everything has certain properties and reactions between things is coded at the material level instead of for each individual reaction.


I thought that was just artistic interpretation of Xen, but yeah that could be it. Maybe he has to take the weapon from the Advisor chasing him. It would of course be Borealis tech, maybe an alternate attempt at the Anti-Mass Spectrometer by Aperture, but it destabilizes the material it carries. They couldn’t get it to work without ripping apart the molecules/atoms of the object it “grabs” so they re-focused their development, and made that the focus of the project. It’s complete enough to not work on living or otherwise complex material.


This. After reading Concerned I’ve always just assumed half of the soldiers you meet were once female; they’ve just been modified to the extent that sex and gender is no longer applicable to them. Having the Combine Assassins would kind of ruin that, and it’d be out of character for the Combine to arbitrarily assign that role only to females.

On topic, an idea I remember reading somewhere a while back (might have been here, I can’t remember), was having the AI director from Left 4 Dead play the role of the Overwatch. So depending on how you played and how quickly you took down enemies, it would send different and varying power units.


On that note, this is a pretty cool effect. It still has a dissolve shader, but it’s only like 3-5 frames long and makes for a really subtle puff.


I really like this idea. This combined with the swarm stuff they were doing tech demos for would be amazing.


Id like to to be a more dynamic game. The original Half-Life 2 teaser trailers exaggerated the use of physics and how intelligently the AI reacted the to player by using scripted sequences. It was an illusion but it made us all wonder what a game would be like if it were that reactive to our choices.

I am also ready to head to the combine world and tear it down with crowbar in hand and the words M.I.T. soldied unto my hazard suit.


The AI needs serious attention. Self preservation and ranking needs to be more prominent. Halo’s a great example of this being used perfectly.


Or better yet, an actual release - Valve almost never manages to keep their dates :stuck_out_tongue:




A desperately needed update to the IK and collision system need to happen before that can…happen…


I don’t think being able to see your legs in a HL game would feel right. Not to mention that Valve has made it clear that stuff like that won’t be put in I’m pretty sure.


Well, I don’t imagine the chopper flight as a cutscene, more like Gordon being at a mounted gun, shooting down small amounts of advisors, until a big horde of them attacks and forces the helicopter down.


That’s not a bad idea.


It would be awesome, but unless they give the heavier guns incendiary rounds…*

I somehow can’t see them making Advisers putting themselves in that position. Gunships would be too powerful for a helicopter with one gun mounted in one side, but I could see them having a new synth that is smaller and might use the swarm mechanics.

*I am not implying that Half-Life is, or even should be, realistic. That shit already blows up from a 9 mm, and I’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue: [/SIZE]


Half Life 3 needs more unconventional weaponry


this. I absolutely loved the hornet gun in Half Life it was just something ive never seen before and just felt new


Speaking of weaponry, I hope we’ll get a chance to use the Combine sniper rifle. It seems a fairly logical progression - first the enemy uses it, then one of our allies uses it, then our allies use it again but we get to see it beforehand, so the next step would be the ability to use it ourselves.

It’d probably be mounted to a window so we can’t take it with us (so it wouldn’t just replace the crossbow). A defence-style scenario would work quite well with it, I think.