Half-Life 3 new features?


Most players that complain about wanting to use a sniper rifle over the crossbow would hate the Combine’s sniper rifle for all the same reason: the bullets aren’t instantaneous. If you took away the crossbow bolt’s ricochet & made it unaffected by gravity it would be the same weapon. The only remaining reason players want to use it is because they can’t.


That’s what made the crossbow interesting and different, It wasn’t hitscan fuckness


And because it’s cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I get what you’re saying. There is precedent, though - the mounted gun turrets you can use at various points are basically buffed up AR2s with unlimited ammo, but they were still great fun to use. Something similar could be done with the sniper rifle, which is why I think it should be a mounted gun rather than a proper crossbow replacement.


Unless the rifle is hitscan, It would be the same shit


Why is hitscan used anymore? It’s been proven that modeling every round fired is possible and a lot of games use it. Is it coding lazyness or something? I mean the original Max Payne did it in 2001 and Max Payne 3 did it just this year as well as a lot of other games.


Maybe it’s not worth it for most games. Makes sense in Max Payne because showing bullets in slow motion is part of the game, makes sense for realistic shooters when you want to simulate ballistics but for something like HL there’s no much point for it.


Unless the weapon is like the crossbow, which is more interesting than a hitscan rifle, which is NOT needed since we already have 5 weapons that use hitscan, we need unconventional shit




I wanna see one Rebel that at least looks like Coach from L4D2!


As much as that would be awesome, that will probably not happen, since it’s two different universes. But as hated Justin Bieber :’( says, Never Say Never > :frowning:

EDIT: The :’( is for Justin Bieber, not for him being hated.


Those are two of the worst posts I’ve seen on this forum.

I would like a huge upgrade to the citizens though. Same face “models”, better models.


Everything Vampire95 posts makes me want to cry.


Why? I don’t see the problem:


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Idea for HL3: titties and Sean Connery. Thoughts?


That’s just CM.


Sean Connery makes anything better.


Oh please, we all know I was making a funny. If I ignored every user who made a post I didn’t like, every post but mine would be hidden.

I’d be too curious to not read it, but I probably wouldn’t have replied to it.


Time travel. The Combine acquire time traveling technology, which G-Man’s race already had and used for all the spooky stuff with Gordon in stasis and G-Man being everywhere and no where and shit. G-Man’s race has very strict rules about time travel, however the Combine don’t. To win the war, a Combine agent is sent back in time to kill Gordon Freeman directly after the resonance cascade in Black Mesa. To stop him, G-Man gives Gordon a time traveling device and Gordon is sent back to Black Mesa, where he must disguise as a scientist, remain undetected by himself and stop the Combine agent from killing him in the past. The device then remains in Gordon’s possession and can be used as a weapon (time-warping enemies into shreds or transporting them into oblivion) or means of travel between time periods, when the device indicates that a jump is allowed according to the G-Men’s rules.


Unique death animations would be nice, soldiers should only flop to the floor if they get shot in the head.