Half-Life 3 new features?


I think of time travel of this sort (into the future) as something that interferes with the otherwise normal passage of time for the person perceiving it.

In Back to the Future, the time machine goes from 1955 to 1985 to 2015 (to the late 1800s–I cba’d to find out the exact year-- and then back to 1985 again). In these cases, the occupants of the time machine do not perceive that passage of 30 years or whatever. They experience it as a brief flash of light and a sonic crash, but for them, 30 years is but a half a second.

For the Half-Life universe, from Gordon’s perspective, he defeats the Nihilanth and is transported to various locations (maybe) by the G-man, ending up on the tram (maybe) where he gives Gordon the ultimatum. Gordon (assuming you take the former option) steps into the portal and, the next thing he knows, the G-man is telling Gordon that he doesn’t mean to imply that Gordon’s been sleeping on the job and then to wake up and smell the ashes.

Then Gordon and Alyx get teleported back from the Citadel to Kleiner’s lab and it took a bit of time from their perspective but they appeared in Kleiner’s lab a long time after they should’ve appeared.

And, over in Aperture, Chell destroys the personality cores, “murdering” GLaDOS, ending up outside, but is (now) dragged back into the facility. She blacks out and then wakes up in the motel room née storage crate some who-knows-how-long later.

These are all time travel, in my opinion, because the normal flow of time for the person(s) is disrupted. (Sleep doesn’t count because the normal flow of time continues for the person even if they’re asleep.) Chell was technically in stasis so she wasn’t “asleep”, in my view.

And then the sideways references in old Aperture to time travel tells me that Valve is not adverse to the concept.


Hmm, good post, and I see your point. But I still think there’s an important distinction between travelling forwards and backwards in time, and IMO the latter would be quite hard to fit in a consistent and satisfying way, story-wise.


I don’t think this will be the case. At the end of HL1 you stepped into a portal and were subjected to the Gman’s time manipulation or whatever so it made sense with the time traveling. This time though the game ends with Alyx crying over her father’s corpse. There’s no hint of really anything happening like in HL1, so I think it’ll pick up either directly after or just a few hours after HL2E2. I can see what SINM said happening though. There was that one adviser, but he’s right, it would be weird to just have that one, or two. So yeah, either fighting or avoiding the advisers at the beginning of the game while trying to find a safe place to hole up and prepare to leave for the arctic makes sense.


Time-traveling to the past is still more believable IMO than to go to a future, AS managed the latter 0_o

So “true” time-travel is obviously possible within the Portal/Half-life universe, actually an ending about going back in time to prevent the events of HL1 from ever happening sounds interesting.


Here’s a crazy theory. Valve releases HL3. Everyone’s like, what is this shiz? What has this got to do with the end of EP2? How does it fit in? What? I don’t even? Great game, no Borealis. Alyx made some snide remarks about it though. And I could swear that scientist said “sorry for your loss” to Alyx. But how am I here? Where is this coming from? What was GMan on about?

Many emails are sent to Valve and Gabe, with a multitude of cryptic answers in return.

Until, one day, not too long from the release of HL3, Valve sneakily releases EP3, with no fanfare. With the Borealis, helicopter stint and everything, hidden in the backwaters of the Steam catalogue. It comes to the world’s attention within a couple of hours, and everyone feels like fools. Now everything fits in. Everything makes sense. The world can sleep at night.

Don’t expect Valve to be all consecutive about this.

Also, isn’t everyone travelling forwards in time? Also, does anyone remember this from Portal 2?

(oh, of course, danielsangeo)


This isn’t a plot speculation thread. It’s supposed to be about engine & gameplay features.
There are other threads for plot (& time travel has been brought up plenty of times before)



Just no.


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Best engine feature: real-life hat implementation through “virtual reality”


^Oculus support is probably already happening.


I just want it to support the latest graphics features even though it’s most likely not going to be aiming for looking like Crysis 3. DX11 or the latest OpenGL with tessellation and relatively good graphics are fine with me. I want the AI to be fucking insane though. And for it to not feel like you’re cramped in a small area which even Ep2’s open levels felt kind of closed and small. And that it doesn’t load every 10 minutes, that’s my biggest hope.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they went full OpenGL given what’s been going on with the ol’ soft.


I’d like to see what HL games have been for a while. A kind small technology demonstrator, where said technology serves gameplay in some way, so that the game would be tailored around this new technology, making it fit seamlessly. Say for example, the gravity gun in HL2, HDR in EP1 and big open maps in EP2. These were not intrusive to gameplay and in fact, gave each game their own unique feel, while not diverging from the overall feeling of the series.

Think about it. The gravity gun gave you a new way of engaging enemies cheaply, while demonstrating Havok physics constructively. The HDR was used to give C17 a all around feeling of destruction by using contrasting light tones in different areas. The open maps were, essentially, a way of giving the world outside of the city a more free feeling, further cementing the idea that the combine are just trying to control everything and failing badly.


deferred renderer, realtime global illumination, and subsurface scattering for arctic conditions? fingers croooossed


Better animations when you shoot people, like if they weren’t insta killed when the bullets touch them. They’re still alive for a few seconds, so they should fall like a person and not like a big bag full of potatoes.

That’s the only thing I don’t like, I guess.


If they go l4d with the death— dude, this whole exchange has been repeated many times.

  1. Hopwire “Black Hole” gun, which I think is the way that the Borealis disappeared.

  2. Disable quicksave on hard difficulity (prevents addiction)




Black Mesa on Friday! Could Half Life 3 be very far behind? :slight_smile: