Half Life 3 style Gauss Sniper Rifle







Looks fucking great, dude. Was this in substance painter or designer? Or both? Also you really should have posted the pics here instead of linking to a thread you made in another forum.

Also one-off projects tend to be not worth making a thread about. You should post this here: Show off your EVERYTHING


Thank you
it was both


It looks freakin’ amazing!
But what does this sniper rifle fire?
Bullets, rebar, electric pulse or charge?


Fires a .950 cal round, anti material round.
Its an actual caliber.
Also since it’s so heavy, the coils help accelerate the bullet.
The clip in the back houses three .950 rounds and a battery just enough to power 3 shots.


Jesus, just searched the .950 cal round in Images, that thing is a monster!
Hmm, just three bullets?
That sounds small but ok.

Can this sniper work in real life?
Can you write some more info about the rifle,
power, speed and so on…

That gets me thinking though,
the Crossbow in HL2 is also charged with a battery,
wouldn’t you need to recharge it after a while?
I guess they left out that part in the game.