Half-Life: Decay thoughts and opinions.

I googled Half-Life: Decay today expecting to find reviews+thoughts and opinions. And I was disappointed to find that there was very few, since it is the least known official Half-Life expansion.
So I’m wondering what you guys thought of the expansion. Did you ever play it? If so, was it the official PlayStation 2 version, or the Half-Life mod for it? Did you find it fun? Or challenging? Or just stupid.

You can play it - someone made a PC port:


Wow - was that 4 years ago?!

I play Half-Life: Decay on the PS2 version, mainly because I can’t get my controller to work right on the PC version so me and my bro can do split-screen. I’m still trying to get my Steam friends to buy HL1 so we could do something :smiley:

If I had to decide what I would rate it, 8/10 if you have a buddy who actually knows how to play Half-Life. 6/10 if you have a terrible player.

Decay was…an interesting experiment, to say the least, but I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who wants a “true” Half Life experience, since most of the atmosphere was created when you were alone

It was fun on coop tho’. And also it is your duty to play all of hl’s expansions.

I’ve already played it.

I’m just waiting another year until my sister is old enough to play the HL series, so I can play the PC version with her. Decay is the only HL expansion I haven’t played yet.

I give it a 8/10 playing with someone who is serious. Interesting, and good story. Has Rosenburg from Blue Shift in it. It is like Blue-Shift and Opposing Force though, made by Gearbox and not officially considered “cannon”.

It could have used more exciting firefights, with ways to endorse Co-Op fighting, but had good enough puzzles for the 2. For a Co-Op game at that time it was good.

Overall, fuck it, you can download the PC port for free so why NOT get it?

Kicking Alien asses in Co-op with two female scientists… yeah, decay was cool, I liked the puzzles and the interaction with Rosenberg and Keller, finally you see someone else in that goddamn building who used to work, lol

I’m pretty exited about the remake mod for source, called Hazard Team.

You don’t need another person to play through the PC Port. You can toggle between characters. So, you play through the game as one or the other character, then periodically toggle to the other character when you need her to solve a puzzle. It’s a bit clunky, but it’s not too bad. It would have worked better if the second player controlled character would follow when not being player controlled, like some friendly NPCs in other HL games.

I got it this very day, actually, but it crashed in the middle of it, that’s when I realised my computer space was almost full, so I cleaned it up and I’m continuing tomorrow.


You can’t play Decay(PC-Port) with one player, even though you can toggle between players you would need 2 active players at the same time to get through some of the early puzzles, an example would be where one has to turn a valve while the other player moves forward, otherwise the air would push down the player and you don’t have enough time to go through if you switch players.

What are you talking about? I beat it all by my self.

Decay is really important for understand the story of how badly Gman fucked over Black Mesa’s containment parameters. It’s easily has the most compelling introduction out of all the expansions; listening to Rosenberg bicker at Keller about how arrogant Breen’s disregard of safety precautions are was easily the most fascinating dialogue to listen to…

In fact, almost all of Rosenberg’s dialogue ties in incredibly well with all the scientists in the original Half Life insinuating that the dampening fields aren’t calibrated well, or about how the containment parameters may not be nominal.

And you get a better feel for how Breen had the crystal that Colette escorted replaced with the unstable sample - at Gman’s request. Once again, ties in well with the scientists questioning the origin of the “new sample” in the original game.

The game was definitely interesting, and is worth playing.

Sounds like I should watch a full playthrough of it, as I’m too lazy to install the mod get someone to play it with me.

I actually never played it, gonna try the PC port.

And I wonder how the Hazard Team mod will handle the coop aspects

Yeah. It’s actually hard work getting the pc port co-op set up, you have to do all kinds of crazy shit, that’s why I just play single player.

where do i get it?