Half-Life: Decay thoughts and opinions.




Decay came with the Ps2 version of Half life. Honestly, I played through it and enjoyed it. once alone and once with a friend. He was always fun to play games with. More often than not we’d be playing a game and the game would get hectic and I’d be shouting something like “shoot the fast one shoot the fast one!” Trying to maintain my distance from said threat while I reload a double barrel shotgun. Anyways, off topic there.

As I was saying, For those who have a PS2, I recommend going to Ebay or your nearest electronic specialty store that has old games (no other way to find it) and picking up a copy. It’s rare, but worth it to add it to your gaming collection.


I have it on PS2 and PC, I liked playing it on PS2 more because it was easier to set up co-op. Waay easier.


I know right? it’s always better to play with friends in the same room than over a mic. It makes the game more…entertaining, so you can joke, laugh, and just overall have a good time, instead of listening to some whiney little kid on a microphone who thinks he’s the shit because he plays call of duty.

not to mention if you both play on the same machine, that right there eliminates the “You have something on!” argument, or the “Damn lag is killing me.” Argument. It’s straight up skill.


That’s how I played it – it was definitely an experience.