Half-Life FanArt


Hi there, I’m CJ and its been recent that I’ve finally played Half-Life and Half-Life 2 for the first time and have now begun to contribute some fan art…
Hope you don’t mind me sharing, and I hope to see some of yours as well!!

What do ya think?? Please share some of your work too!!


That looks awesome!
It looks so good, you could use it for a short animation.


Thanks, now if only I knew how to animate XD


Here’s another one:

I like to think that the reason Gordon doesn’t speak is because he developed a form of ‘selective mutism’ after being at Black Mesa from all the secrets that had to be kept due to the military project he was working on, then after the traumatic otherworldly events that occurred and the encounter with G-Man he figured that no one would ever believe him anyway (until Eli brought it up), but feels now that if he did tell anyone that they’d be put in danger by either the G-Man or some unknown force… so he just keeps it all to himself.


That is an excellent reason for Gordon’s speech issue.

You can try collaborating with some Youtube users who also animate.
I don’t know how to animate, but i do have ideas for a scenario, that is,
i can already see a small video about Gordon just running along and killing everything.


Well I do know how to animate a little bit, but nothing as pro like you’d find on youtube or newgrounds these days, plus since we switched computers all the animating programs that I used are on the other hard-drive still…
I am however hoping to work on a little 3D model of a cartoony version for Gordon in blender:

Haven’t used blender before but I hope this will be simple enough to help me get used to modeling