Half-Life is 20! - Xen Trailer!


Some personal reactions.
I didnt think they could overpower ‘Jungle Drums’, but ‘Chorus Drums’ is top level Gonarch’s Lair.
The lack of ‘industrial xen’ on the trailer is very well balanced with the ‘black mesa exploration team’ micro areas.
Crusty explosive houndeyes looks more similar to hl2-beta than to the puffy BMS houndeyes, thats not bad, thats awesome.
The ammount of baby headcrabs on the trailer scared me A LOT.
The new heath-pods arent xenians but from Black mesa, like Bioshock’s VitaChamber.
I just found 2 dead scientists, 1 hev zombie, 1 scientist zombie and 2 lootboxes on the trailer.
The maps are just glorious and i really hope that the dev team could share some xenian wallpapers from the trailer(video compression reduces the quality a lot)


Also, I love how the portal at the top of this xen tower (my hot guess is it’s the portal to the nihilath’s chamber) reflects alsmost the exact same architecture as the anti-mass spectrometer! So much love to detail! <3


I think a tear came to my eye seeing that new trailer. So with hearing the news, the support and the release window, we can rest assured knowing when it will come out and play it. So I’m guessing Q2 is the time between April 1st and June 30th or are you talking about the second half of the year? If so then that’s between July 1st and December 31st. I’m not wanting to sound rude or anything with regarding the release (as you know, I’ve been very patient in waiting like all others) and I cannot say enough regarding what you guys have done. I hope you guys have a Happy Holidays between now and New Years and I cannot wait to see Xen and cry tears of joy.


Q means “Quarter”. The 2nd quarter of 2019.


One more thing regarding the tower: I am getting vibes of visual callbacks (or rather fastforwards) to HL2’s Combine Citadel! As we can see the Xen tower on various occasions, my guess is that it will kinda work as spacial and visual reference throughout the xen maps. Sort of as a goal you see before you, just as the citadel was in HL2.
I am so much loving these details and references! I am getting goosebumps out of it! :love:


lore and all seems quite right IF that is nihilanth’s portal, nihilanth is merging the dimmensions and so in each one we can see the portal at the distance (above gonarch on the mineral dimmension, far way at the beggining of Xen on the clouds dimmension and in a segment on the jungle dimmension).
My prediction is since from outside the portal has no way in, that tower IS the industrial dimmension (the Interpoler factory) and when we reach the top (like in half life) we get to the final teleporter and nihilanth himself.

EDIT: Like a confirmation, at the start of the trailer, nihilanth is holding on his hands the ‘test chamber teleport’, I may say that’s offically his teleport.


it may sound silly, but suddenly im carving from some LORE like audiotapes in-game of how the scientists discovery xen, the creatures and made a science laboratory on the other dimmension, something like System Shock 2.


Stopping by to give you mother fuckers a big juicy congratulations!

Everything is captured in game?
So that per pixel motion blur isn’t post for the trailer? It’s gorgeous!

Also, the update mentions NPC overhauls? Does this also include some updates/ tweaking of the enemy human AI?


Kind of like the scientist’s holo-recording in Opposing Force!


Just wow!
I really love what I see. Amazing work on Xen and Trailer!
Go ahead with that and take as much time as you need to finish this gorgeous game!


That means that it’ll take me anywhere from 10-15 hours of playtime because I’ve got to check out EVERYTHING!!


James McVinnie strikes again!
Love the trailer! Good clean edits and shots. Can’t wait to look around and analyze every single pebble in Xen for myself. I’ve been following you guys ever since I saw the image of the zombie model back in 2006, and I’ve checked up on you almost every day since. If Xen is even half as good as it looks, it will have been well worth the 12-year wait.

Am I the only one that got a little emotional here?


Back in the days of Episode One, when you finished the game it will pop-up the video trailer for Episode Two inside the game before the credits.
Maybe im nitpicking but since the trailer starts with the portal jump effect it could be cool to add the trailer inside the game and so when you jump to xen before the credits get this trailer on.


Lawdy mama that looks terrific. So many psychedelic colours in that trailer! Can’t wait to play it!!

In fact, i really hope there’s some areas that aren’t too crowded with creatures, just so i’m able to really take in the atmosphere and wander around for a bit without having to worry about being attacked every other second.

Also can’t wait for the soundtrack! I love Joel Nielsen’s epic score for Black Mesa and i’m very curious to the rest of it!


This is incredible! All this waiting will pay off very nicely.


I guess I know what I’m watching for the next half-a-year.


Nice. You guys are finally reaching the end and it looks phenomenal. Good work.



Pontificating further, I’ve got to admit that it’s been quite a few years since this project last excited me. I’m excited again now.


This looks fantastic. I’m really excited to finally get a chance to play it.

I especially like the addition of the little human research areas. Point of View had a bunch of stuff like that, and I always loved it.


I’m beyond excited! I love the game so much, and I’ve got a great deal of respect and admiration for the team. I promised someone I would eat my hat if Xen wasn’t released today, but oh well. I don’t even wear hats. Take all the time you need. I’ve been following the mod since 2010, when I was 11, and what I’ve seen and played has never ceased to amaze me.