Half-Life is 20! - Xen Trailer!


There is this on the website.

I’m assuming that it will be one of Xen’s menu screens, given that all but one of the others are already implemented.


Fantastic work. Xen looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to give it a play!

According to Joel’s Facebook page, the track will be added to the soundtrack on release.


Thanks! That is very good to hear.


Looks great! Can’t wait for Xen!


Well done just saw the Xen trailer today… Been quite a while since I came around this forum.

It’s very nice looking what you have achieved for xen, I really like the color schemes and the bioluminessence alien feel.

I have not full info of what has gone on for the last few years actually since pre-release retail version as I was not following and planning on waiting for the finished retail product.

Where did the test chamber go from the forum?

Is it just xen update or are some of the small things missing outside of uncut included? For instance NPC’s who have animations for parts like bullsquid eating scientist… Or Abrams Tank in Forget about Freeman. The Xen Soldier who slides the door apart. The animations are there If I remember somewhat correctly but it was left out sadly. Missing part from We got Hostiles Small Fry all of these I know and in no way ungreatful but it would be good to “Complete” these small things outside the uncut workshop maps. Oh yeah Tentacle in the Desert also…

It’s taken a long time to get to a loose 6 months left to finish but if you can totally complete this thing I think it will be an amazing achiement and some. I am not disappointed but it feels close that it is all pretty much there now surely.

anyway good luck with the final stretch of the development I will look forward to some further news.

I know it’s hard work but yeah just wanting it all to be there somewhat for nostalgia sake but also remix like ypu have or remaster.


Actually both the bullsquid eating and A-grunt opening doors are in the game, the opening doors is used on the big blast doors bellow the ladder you have to go through to access the lambda core area, it is rarely noticed in the fight do to the fact to enemies spawn on the oposite side just before it does that.

As for the bullsquid, eating a scientist that is used in a few locations in the blast pit the thing is unless you are being slow most people will not notice them.

No clue what you mean by the tank in forget about freeman. The tank is still there and still blows open the door it is just not under player control.

Would be nice to get to control the tanks turret during that but woudl be a a lot of work for a single event when they are focusing on Xen, psot xen maybe we can hope.

Also the missing part for We got hostiles, you mean teh vent maze, there is a mod to return that. I hope they bring it back some what as obvious side paths. But yeah don’t hold your breath. I think there is an earthbound discussion topic that might be good to view in general.


I actually took the time to refresh my memory and funnily enough there is no door!

But the Abrams Tank is only a static prop with a button that trigger an event sequence that funnily enough we both think it should blow a door open to allow you to progress :slight_smile: In reality this is a bit of a weird part in the original game seems a bit half thought out in Half life.

Anyway I also now remember that Xen Turret manned by the Alien Grunt… I think it was out of place in this part of the game somewhat but I wonder if it did indeed influence an alien turret for the xen levels? if not, it’s not a big deal but having seen the xen trailer It has made me wonder about what is going to happen.

I remember talk about certain parts that would be updated along with Xens completed design such as the Xen flora & fauna room in questionable ethics and the Xen cutscene In Test Chamber from the disaster. So there will be some updates pertaining to Xen I would imagine in at least these 2 circumstances as a given because they we’re clearly sighted as a “To Do” Once design was locked because they did not know what Xen really looked like at this time or it just was not good enough.

Xen looks so Good I have a funny feeling or a hopeful feeling there is quite a lot we don’t know going on behind the scenes.