Half-Life Playstation 2 multiplayer maps.


So I have Half-Life for the Playstation 2, and it has a few multiplayer maps that are not included in any other version of Half-Life, and I know many people that are interested in playing them, but to play them, you need to completely “remake” the maps using the “editor” to make them compatible with the pc version of Half-Life.

So I need help with this, first of all, I need to know what “editor” would be able to do this (assuming hammer editor for hl1) and I also would like to know if anyone would be interested in remaking them with me. If you don’t own Half-Life for PS2 and still want to help, I’m sure there are downloads online, if you can’t find one, I will provide one soon.

Edit: I also can’t seem to figure out how to open the PAK files on the disk, they seem to be different than standard PAK files, if anyone knows how to open them, please tell me, I’ve already tried a few PAK files, and yes it IS possible because Half-Life: Decay was ported to pc by some people.

EDIT: Half-Life PS2 head to head map making for the PC version of Half-Life started, help would always be appreciated.


You need the Hammer Editor to make maps for Source. It’s included in the Source SDK (Free, tools tab on Steam).

You should be able to open up the PAK files from the PS2 disc with GCFscape. I’m pretty sure that’s how I did it. HOWEVER, if you’re looking to extract files and decompile or anything, the Decay team had a custom converter for maps if I remember correctly. They weren’t exactly willing to share, either.

Also, you can’t put the maps up for download. Sure that’s illegal.

Which maps are you remaking? The only ones I remember not being in the PC version were ones meant for 2 players.


I’m talking about the old hammer for goldsrc, also I’m not exactly sure what the maps are called since I can’t open the PAK files and my PS2 is broken, anyway so your saying without that custom converter i cant redo the maps? Also i’m pretty sure it’s not illigal, since it’s not illigal to port Half-Life Decay, plus some other guy ported Half-Life for Dreamcast and those both went fine. So i’m sure a couple of multiplayer maps won’t hurt anyone. Also thanks i’ll try gfcscape later.


Oh, well yeah, Hammer 3.5 should do you fine.
No, I’m saying the PS2 files won’t do you much good without them Maybe to get the map names, but the files are practically useless.


I tried GCFscape and it did not work, any other ways? I have tried several PAK file openers and they aren’t working.


IIRC a lot of the PAKs don’t seem to work, but there’s a few hiding in there that do. I haven’t tried in a while so I may be mistaken, though.


Got any pics or vids of these maps?


Three are modified parts from Surface Tension, one is a modified part from Office Complex, 3 I think are new. I’ll put up a couple pictures in a few.

Sorry for the quality. Map name below image:



Water Canal





Admittedly a few of them would be pretty kick-ass. Especially if they were remade in Source, holy fuck.


So are you interested in helping? Also, the office map has already been ported from the dreamcast version, it works perfectly fine on standard pc Half-Life.

Edit: I managed to find the maps in one of the working PAK files, so is there a way just to convert bs2 files into bsp files?


Not at the moment, I’ve got other projects to focus on.

No. Like I said, you can’t convert them. The Decay team apparently had some program they made to do that. Other than that, seems like you gotta do it by hand.


Aw that’s too bad, I’ll see what I can do then. I might try contacting the Decay team.


Yeah, they’ve been pretty adamant about not giving it out. It’s worth a shot, though.


Wow, some of those look pretty cool

Having improved versions for Black Mesa DM down the road might be really fun.


I think Waypoint would make a pretty badass BM: DM map.


Waypoint is the best map on the PS2 version IMO.


I’ve always liked Skirmish’s simplicity (oh, and that huge explosive sequence). 10 years ago I remember me and my brother playing on it and we’d see who could get the most midair kills with the gauss gun.


What huge explosive sequence are you talking about, exactly?


If I remember correctly if you shoot one of the explosives enough times it blows up, shoots a canister across the map, it blows up setting of even more explosives which shoot up into the air and blow up.


Ok me and my friend are now officially redoing the maps to make them compatible with Half-Life for pc.

Help would gladly be appreciated.


A few things dropped off my radar, so I’ve got a few more hours of free time than usual. Got any specifics?