Half-Life Playstation 2 multiplayer maps.


Well since we don’t have a file converter we need to make the maps from scratch. We want to make them identical to the PS2 versions, with maybe a few easter eggs here and there. There are 10 maps, are there any you are interested in doing?


I don’t really have any predilection. Just toss one at me and I can pretty much get working whenever.


Well then you could do signal and waypoint if that’s alright.


Alright, I shall start with signal. Commencing carbon copying.


Also I have some map making experience, but not much with hammer 3.5, so as I’m doing this I will be learning, so don’t expect my releases to be quick or anything.


That’s cool. I haven’t touched it in 3 years, so I’ve got to put in a short bit of time to keep my Source and GoldSrc habits separate.


Well my friend just decided to quit working before he even started because he didn’t like the idea of getting help from other people, so I guess it’s just me and you for now Crypt.


I don’t wanna ruin you guy’s good times! I’ve got other stuff to work on, if it’s gonna make your friend quit then you guys can go ahead.


Oh he told me he was gonna quit anyway, no worries I don’t even know him that well. Edit: Plus I already have another friend that will probably take his place anyway.


Right, then. Back to work I go. Man, trying to get exact measurements is really slowing me down.


Got a very large portion of it done. It’s taken so long because it’s almost perfectly accurate to the original files.

Edit 2:

Okay, layout is done, texturing it mostly done (some yet to be added details and doorways aren’t textured) and it’s got some basic lighting. I’ll get to work on detailing it later.


Nice! :confused: I haven’t even started yet, I plan to start this weekend.


Ah, okay. Now if I go slow I don’t have to worry, heh heh.


Did you guys finnish the maps ? did you do some, at least anything ? Are you still active on the forum ?

Actually I found your little project cool, so if you stopped it, i’d like to try doing it myself.


I didn’t continue because this guy made no further contact, and I had other projects I’d rather work on.
I encourage you to give it a shot yourself. :slight_smile:


http://decay.half-lifecreations.com/ Too bad I didn’t notice this thread a year ago.


I want to see these maps on source, so it would be easy to play them on source games (such as: Gmod, CS:S, HL2:deathmatch, HL:deathmatch source). If i learn how to use Hammer, i swear that i’ll remake them on source engine, for now i don’t know how but i planned to start learning it soon. If i start anything i’ll tell you.


So I know this thread is long dead but if anyone is still interested; I found a program on github recently that allowed full map conversion for the PS2 Half-Life maps and well… these multiplayer maps are now fully playable on the steam version of Half-Life it turns out.