Half Life Tattoo

Hey Guys,

Got this tattoo done on Saturday and wanted to share the love.

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Badass, dude. I wonder how many will say “Dude, is that half-life?” when they see it.

Yea, surprisingly its been about 50/50 so far. I’ve been playing half life since 1999 so i figured it would be a solid first tattoo. Had to give props to Portal as well.

I had once entertained the idea of getting a lambda tattoo in the style of Half Life. One of my friends said it was a well known lesbian symbol though, so I dropped the idea. I don’t know if that’s true though. O.o;

Yea it has been adopted by some folks in the glbt community. Don’t see why that would shy you away from getting one, unless your not down with gay rights, lol.


My first tattoo was also game inspired : )