Half-Life VS. Half-Life: Source

I’m very curious to see how people play Half-Life 1 and which version everyone thinks is better.

Do you prefer GoldSrc Half-Life 1? If so, what version? Do you like the vanilla version or the HD pack? Or do you still play the original CD version from back in the day?

Or do you prefer Half-Life: Source? I personally prefer this one because of its updated physics, better lighting, water, and better particle effects. But, it does change some parts of the game. Such as the water where you fight the ichthyosaur being clear which slightly changes the level design.

What do you prefer?

I like Half Life 1 with the HD pack. Source’s water looks out of place, and I don’t like how everything sounds like metal when you hit it with your crowbar.

Yeah it feels weird. Almost like hitting a big gong and the sound you get is like a little bell cats wear on their necks if you get my analogy. Almost as if the sounds are “underpowered” so to speak. But it’s better quality for sure.

Definitely the original with no HD packs, I like sticking with the original, unchanged experience.

SOurce. I like the ragdolls. Have they made HD weapons for source?

black mesa is better than all of them

Goldsrc PS2 version, or Dreamcast version PC port on MODDB. But I also prefer classic Goldsrc steam version, without HD pack. Anyway, Goldsrc.

The choice is obvious.
Default HL without any “HD” packs or bullshit. (That pack looks terrible anyway)
The Source port is even worse.

I prefer the Source version. Before people start getting p***** about what I’ve put, Source has better skybox textures, better water, better lighting and better sound quality to add to realisticness or something.

I like source, despite that version being bugged in a way that makes it unbeatable. Source engine games just have this consistency across all titles and it’s so responsive to input. I had to stop playing GloldSrc because crouch jumping was nigh impossible.

I have nothing against the Source version but I don’t have it, so I play the GoldSrc HL with the HD pack (because let’s face it, marines look far more realistic with the pack).

Never bothered to play the Source port because I think the GoldSrc version is awesome enough.


Got both. Buying HLS was a mistake tho and can’t beat good ol’ goldsource.

Yes, but it’s a mod. They actually updated a lot of the other textures such as walls and even the security guard’s vest. It’s not entirely the original HD pack but it still looks great. You can find it below:


What do you mean by “unbeatable”?

A segment of xen doesn’t load on its own. You have to use the console to warp there.

I play HLS because of this

I like not having to change maps to enable cheats.

Is this something that broke in a patch? I’ve beaten HL: S 2-3 times without any problems, though not recently.

Today, I was playing WON, and aside from no 16:9 resolutions and the game reverting to a lower resolution whenever you go to the menu, it was better than Steam GoldSrc. (probably because I haven’t used that command that someone said in the other thread that fixes my main problem with the Steam ver.)

For me, it’s a tossup. I think GoldSrc is amazing, but I have always liked most of Source’s features that got put in for the port. It really depends on my mood. I do like the graphical consistency of the old water, but I’ve always liked Source’s water effect. On the flip side, I like the consistency added with the skybox on the cliff in Surface Tension, but the old sky does still look quite impressive, even if it doesn’t mesh as well.