Half-Life VS. Half-Life: Source


That statement struck me as well. I have beaten HL-S a number of times myself and I have never had to use any warp tricks in xen :confused:

not that I am being argumentative I am just curious what section you are unable to reach and has anyone else had this problem? It is the first I am hearing of it


the original game with Sven Co : op models.

Your mind may be thinking: Why?
-Because the original has more mods.

Your mind may be asking now: Are mods that Important?

Besides, Sven Co : op models make the old game look even better than the source version.


Never heard of this glitch. Surely Valve would have fixed something like that. Is it possible some of your game files may be messed up? It’s happened to me many times before. Have you tried re-installing?


I prefer the original, no HD packs. Not because I think it looks bad, but I can’t stand the fact I’m using an M4 and beretta and not the glock and mp5.


Here’s the thing:
The pushing in Half-Life and probably gold source is messed up. Half Life : Source Fixes that, though the graphics are not tweaked. I think Half Life : Source graphics are perfectly fine.It doesn’t matter about looks, but it matters about Gameplay. So I like HL : S.

I’m new to Black Mesa : Source forums.


I prefer the originals, I don’t like the HD machine gun, I prefer the sound of the mp5


There’s only a few places in the game where you have to push stuff and I’ve never had a problem with it.


It’s that weird thing where pushing stuff forward or pulling them with +USE causes them to fly sideways.


Anyone like the ideea of a new HL totally ported in Source? Same levels with reworked maps, more polygons all textures new
The difference betweet CS 1.6 and CS Source is not so big something like that with HL should be


I like the original HL. It has that cosy atmosphere in it.


… Are you joking?


more like trolling instead of joking, but it’s obvius he is. After all this is Black Mesa Source forum, no better place to troll about what he said


I’m not joking


That was my favorite feature. :slight_smile:


I feel like your signature is very fitting


Got the original HL and the Source version. Both are equal.

The “real” HL isn’t pretty as the source version but looks more “authentic”. It reminds me my first LANs with HL DM (I have both Steam - and Non Steam Version (1.0)) and the earlies CS betas.
The source version adds some better lightning and particle effects, plus some extra like the “source” water. Got a little package that enables hires textures (like the hidef package for Blue Shift) and some nice effects : it’s really better than the original HL, imho.


confused… :brow:


Atleast in GLDSRC you had chrome textures, HL: S has an ugly black texture for the hands


I said that with the hidef package it’s really better but without, they’re equal :slight_smile:


I plan to remake all maps from HL: S to look very near to the original I’ll form a little team for that, after BM release to use all resources to create something special