Half-Life VS. Half-Life: Source


…I don’t… even know where to start with that post.

So, here’s a try.

You want to remake Half-Life, based on Half-Life: Source, using Black Mesa’s content, to look closer to what it already looks like…?

Been a while since I needed this image.


I’m sorry, but that actually looks like two pancakes.


I like Half Life over Half Life Source, because there were larger explosions, enemies would have death animations, and they’d also gib more often, which was always fun to watch.
Honestly, HL Source was a really cheap remake. In fact isn’t that the entire reason Black Mesa Source is being developed to begin with? I know I saw that from them somewhere.


but there are high def packages for both source and gldsrc

so wouldn’t they still be equal?


Well, I like Half-Life better than Source, even though the graphics are better at some places in Source. Because unless you quicksave like a dumbass, you’ll have to restart all the way to the beginning if you die.


First, why the necropost?

Second, Half-Life does have autosaving.


I wanted to state an opinion, then I’ll let it die.
And I was talking about Half-Life Source not having auto-save.